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Hoop Shoot 2017!

Hoop Shoot Winner

The 2016 Ballard Elks Hoop Shoot Winner scores first place in the Girls 12-13 Category at District Competition. 20 out of 25 free throws! Way to go

It’s time to start thinking about the Hoop Shoot Competition!  Ballard Elks Lodge members Cindy Olsby, Katrina Sigurdson & Sylvia Olsby are getting things organized to do a hoop shoot in December  2017 and have our winners ready to attend the North District competition on January 6th, 2018!



Blood Drive Success!

The blood drive went really well on yesterday and our team enjoyed their time at this drive. We hope everyone had a great experience too.

Blood Drive Results:

  • Total Registered Donors: 27 people
  • We welcomed 2 first-time donors!
  • Units of Blood Collected: 18 units
  • Lives Saved: Since each donation can save up to three lives, the blood that was collected will help save the lives of up to 54 patients in our community.

Please help us share these amazing results and pass along our thanks to everyone for their contribution!

Most importantly, thank you for your efforts to recruit, promote and plan! You are as much a part of our ongoing success as the donors who share this very special, lifesaving gift.

Since you can donate every 56 days, these donors will be eligible to give blood again by December 6th. Normally, we have two blood drives a year – would you be available and interested to increase our frequency? J

Thank you again for your support to our mission!

Wendy Chu

Donor Resources Representative – North Seattle/South Snohomish

Bloodworks NW

19723 Highway 99 • Suite F • Lynnwood, WA 98036


Ballard Elks Jacket Raffle!

Win This Amazing Jacket!

WP_20170602_003A Brand New Dickies Insulated Eisenhower Jacket Black

Complete with a 10″ Elks Clock Patch on the back and a 4″ 827 patch on the front!

WP952017060295004 WP952017060295002

The Particulars on the Raffle:

  • $10 per ticket
  • Need not be present to win – Write your Name and Phone Number on the ticket
  • 100 tickets will be sold
  • Tickets will be pulled after the lodge meeting on November 28th
  • One jacket, one XL jacket will be given as the prize.
  • The jacket will be hanging in the lounge.
  • Proceeds got to the Past Exalted Rulers fund to help offset the costs for the Past Exalted Rulers to attend state & grand lodge functions and continue to support the lodge officers.

Buy your tickets today at the lodge – ask about the raffle in the social quarters!

ger membership award

Membership News

  • Membership as of April 1, 2017: 1466
  • Membership gain since April 1, 2017: 190
  • Delinquent members: 197
  • Delinquent member percentage: 13.7% (third highest in the North District)
  • Membership gain/loss as of October 1, 2017: -7

Please take the time to look at the membership numbers above.  Even though we are bringing in a lot of members and it seems like we are doing great on the surface we have not yet brought in more members than are currently delinquent.  These delinquent members will be dropped at the end of this Elks year.  If the end of the year was today we would be at negative seven members (-7).

Our membership Chair Tasha McMullin has had help from Christopher Webster and Marty Paulson along with a few other members.  They have done tireless work to get our delinquency rate to the point that it is, lower than it’s ever been at this time of the year.  Both Tasha and Christopher are also busy running two other very important committees – the House Committee and the Building Committee. Marty is also busy, and doing an amazing job, with the Elks National Foundation Grants.  We need to step up and take the time to help out the Membership Committee, by not only continuing to bring in new members to help offset our rather high delinquency rate (there are only two lodges in our district higher than us) we need to step up and help our membership committee retain members.  Maybe our delinquency rate being high is a product of our growth, but no matter, it’s where we are at and we need to overcome it to do our part for the organization we all are obligated to.  Could be that we don’t do a good job of engaging the newly recruited or the long time members or everyone in between – we can change that with more volunteers helping out.

Are you interested in forming a new sub-committee to our lodge membership committee that will be focused on membership engagement?  Reaching out to all our membership and attempting to make sure that their expectations about our lodge and what it offers them meets the reality in front of them?  If successful this committee could keep many members from ending up on the delinquent member list all together and could have the side effect of creating more fun around our lodge, the kind of fun that brings in our membership and in turn has them bring in their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to join our order.  Contact your Exalted Ruler to volunteer –

2017 GER Poster=McPHERSON-1


Monday SUP Races Support Scholarships!

Thanks to the efforts of the Ballard Elks Paddle Club, the race organizer Salmon Bay Paddle and sponsors like Kavu the Monday Night Stand Up Paddle races were able to donate $1250 to the Ballard Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship committee AND $1250 to the all new Ballard Elks Vocational Scholarship Committee AND $190 to the Ballard Elks building fund! Well done everyone that participated on the Monday Night SUP races!


Pictured here is Rob Casey center handing out $1250 to the Ballard Elks MVS Scholarship Committee of Kelly Kelly McCormick Jones, Cindy Peterson, Ethan & Tricia Nielsen AND handing out $1250 to the Ballard Elks Vocational Scholarship Committee member Mindy Norris.


Elk of the Month, September – Michael Hagen

IMG_20170926_171327September brings me 3 members nominated for the Ballard Elks Lodge Elk of the Month and with the tireless work and debates of the Elk of the Month Committee we came to the very difficult decision of picking one of the three very qualified nominees– no easy task!  But I’m excited to have Septembers Elk of the Month be a member who immediately after joining jumped right in and said “How can I help?”

This member joined after attending the Wine Club night and he has become quite a fixture around the Lodge. He has spent the time getting to know people and has a wonderful, friendly, positive attitude.  He has looked for every opportunity to help out around the Lodge. If he hears of an event coming up he says “Do you need help? I have my food handler’s permit. What time should I be here?”  He has signed on to help prep and cook steak dinner for the new initiates each month, coming in at 4pm to get things started. He has also stepped up and taken over the grill for Burgers for Bingo night. As a brand new member, he came in to volunteer for our Volunteer Appreciation Party helping Louis set up, serve the dinner, and stayed to help clean up. He has volunteered to help cook when the lodge cook needs a night off and has recently volunteered to help shuck oysters for the Share’n is Care’n event AND volunteered to be a duty officer for our hall rental events!

I am honored to recognize the efforts by Michael Hagen for his loyal and meritorious services in the furtherance of the aims of our order.  Michael is motivated and involved and took that “volunteer just 5 hours” to a whole new level.

We do what we do as Elks not for recognition or personal gain but for the greater and nobler good of the lodge and the community we live in. I know that these members didn’t step up and volunteer to be rewarded for their efforts but never the less we will thank these members and by doing so can develop a pool of eligible recipients for the coveted Elk of the Year Award given each year to the member who is always willing to help, the member our lodge can rely upon to step up and get things done.

Award recipients not only get this article in the Antlers & online, they receive a $12 gift certificate to our social quarters, an Elk of the Month certificate to pin on their wall and are in the running for Elk of the Year, awarded at the 2018/19 Officer Installation Dinner. You can find the nomination form on our website (, fill it out as best you can and get it to our Exalted Ruler before the 19th of each month –

Congratulations Michael – keep up the great work!


Greenwood Seafair Parade 2017!

Wednesday July 27th was the annual Greenwood Seafair Parade celebrating 67 years parading through Greenwood from 95th and Greenwood down to 85th where the procession takes a right turn and continues on west to 6th for the end of the event.


Seven loud and proud members of our lodge, led by John Carreiro, paraded through Greenwood in support of our young and growing lodge.  Now Parading, the verb, is defined as walk or march in public in a formal procession or in an ostentatious or attention-seeking way, and parade we 7 did.  Continue reading

Elks of the Month, July

Elk of the Month, July 2017 – Natalie Deleon

Another month and another nomination for Elk of the Month!  Opening the nomination email from our online nomination form I was thankful to see it was for a member that is going above and beyond for her lodge and is doing it mostly behind the scene, unbeknownst to most of the members of our lodge.

This member came to me about a year ago when I was acting as Chairman of the Governing Board and said – “I can do that.”  I did my best to dissuade her as what she was asking to do is a lousy stressful volunteer position.  She looked me in the eye and said Continue reading


Troop 40827 update

Your Ballard Elks Girl Scout troop has been very busy! In May the Scouts did a beach and parking lot clean up, they also voted to donate 20% of their Cookie Sale proceeds to 2 charities –  The Ballard Food bank and an animal charity. The rest of the cookie money goes to cover the cost of bridging (when they “graduate” to the next level based on their school age) and an end of year BBQ celebration in Golden Gardens which will be in late July. They also had a go fishing fundraiser at the Ballard Seafood Fest.

Pasta dinner1As for our Annual Pasta fundraiser held in May we will use the proceeds to cover camping costs in August, badges and pottery outing as well as monthly supplies needed. The Scouts will be donating 10% back to the lodge as a thank you for the generous room donated to us for our dinner for a total of $516.00 donated back to the lodge. Thank you to everyone who supported and attended this event!

pasta dinner 4The Troop is now divided into sub groups; Daisies, Brownies, Juniors and Cadets. Each sub troop has a leader or co-leaders that are responsible for developing and implementing the curriculum for the Scouts. For example, the Daisies are working on their Daisy Leaves: Count It Up, Money Counts, and Making Choices, the Brownies recently earned their Money Manager Badge and will be choosing and attending a performance at Seattle Children’s Theater and the Juniors have been focusing on gearing up and planning for the August camping trip. Our Cadet is working on a self-selected journey (media). We are now at 36 Scouts total. We will have some adjustments/openings after the bridging ceremony.

Girl Scouts Fish throwIf you would like to join, volunteer, donate or just reach out – email us at