Ballard Wins!

Each month we receive a newsletter (not to be confused with the Magazine) from Grand Lodge filled with some informative and inspirational articles from our Grand Lodge officers and committee chairs.

If you’ve not read it before, you find them all online here at

Wouldn’t you know it as you cruise through page one and read about some tips from our Grand Exalted Ruler, learn about prescription drug take-back day and get educated on some housekeeping items you scroll down to page 2 and what do you find there?

Ballard Elks a 5 star winner for the national website contest!

Well done to all the people that have worked and continue to work on our lodge website. One of many avenues we use to get information to our members and helps us have more fun at our lodge. Website, facebook, instagram, twitter, newsletter, virtual home page – you name it we are doing it and doing it well. Do you want to help out with any of these items? We need your help. Send an email to and ask!