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Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Want to get to know other lodge members and have some fun? Read about upcoming volunteer opportunities and email for more info.

Summer Craft & Flea Market: August 5th

Set-up, help sell raffle calendars, work an Elks info table, clean-up and overall event management help.
2 to help with set-up: 10am-12pm
4 to help Elks info table/raffle calendar sales: 2 shifts 12pm-3pm and 3pm-6pm
2 for clean-up: 5:30pm-6:30pm

Membership Social: August 15th

Set-up, 3:00-5:00, need 2 volunteers
Clean up, 9:00-10:00, need 4 volunteers
Food and Libation servers
Front door greeters and membership card checks
Raffle tickets and bead sales

Fun way to meet other members while helping to host our membership social downstairs on the patio! Please email or if you can help out, even for only one hour.

Special Initiation Dinner: August 21st

Set-up, serving and clean-up
4-6 volunteers. See description of duties in Monthly Initiation Dinner.
High School Volunteers welcome!

Car Show: September 3rd

6 a.m. set-up, 4 volunteers
2 p.m. breakdown, 4 volunteers
1 (or 2) volunteers for a couple of hours to remind attendees to vote. Tally the votes at 1:30.
Call Mae at 206.284.7384 if you would like to volunteer. High School Volunteers welcome!

Also at the Car Show, we need some people to help sell WA State Elks Raffle Calendars. 8 am – 2pm: 2-4 volunteers needed, can be shifts. Email Susan at to help with this.

Frock Swap

This is one of our biggest and most successful annual events, and takes a lot of volunteers to make it so awesome. From planning all the event details, to sorting the clothing being dropped off, to event set-up, to working the day of the event, to team leadership – there are MANY ways to get involved. Training is provided and leadership is encouraged. Come join the fun! Opportunities start now, with the planning committee, and go through October 7th, event day!
If you are interested in getting involved, email We will also have an online schedule and sign-up available soon!

Calendar Raffle Ticket Sales

Each year our Lodge is responsible for selling a certain number of WA State Elks Calendar Raffle tickets. We are looking for a few people who can commit to one or two upcoming events, and a few who are willing to do the sports nights/weekends on a more regular basis just bringing out the tickets, mingling and selling.

Susan also usually sets up outside of Bingo, Initiation dinners and other events. These would be a great opportunities to help her out, train and do a quick 30-60 minute stint to get comfy with it.

Email Susan at if you would like to help with this.

Monthly Initiation Dinners

Did you know that these monthly dinners are run entirely by lodge volunteers? Join the team who makes this classic lodge event happen!

Be the Cook – make it your own or let us show you how
The current member volunteer is moving on and we need members who can cook the steaks, potatoes, etc. Ideally, we’d have a team of cooks to rotate through each month. Experienced and non-experienced welcome – we can show you the ropes! Must be available at 3:30pm. Food Handlers Permit preferred.

Kitchen Help
4:30pm-6:30pm Prep salads and condiments. Food Handlers Permit.

Serving & Clean Up
5:00pm – 8pm Set-up and serving. The crew then gets everything back in order and cleans the kitchen.

Food Runners

During these summer months, our bar and kitchen staff gets REALLY busy. We need people to volunteer to help deliver food from the kitchen to our hungry members and guests. Shifts are from 6-9pm, Monday – Saturday. You can sign up to do it on a regular basis, OR get on Eric’s list of people to reach out to when we need someone. Email if you would like to help out. (This is a great way to get some steps in – if you track them. 🙂 )

Homeless Veterans Supplies Drive

The Ballard Elks Lodge is collecting supplies to be delivered to the Washington State Department of Veteran’s Affairs during April and May. This community effort is being paired with a $2,500 grant from the Elks National Foundation to aide vets going into housing.

The supplies needed are:

  • Socks
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Cat and dog food
  • Protein bars
  • Toiletries, such as shampoo, razors, soap, etc..

The donation bin is located outside of the bar upstairs at the Ballard Elks.

Elk of the Month!

Elk of the Month March HeaderAs the 2017/18 Elks year comes to an end I’m discovering again that we are a very lucky lodge.  To have so many great members stepping up and helping out, making one little part of the lodge their pride and joy, is absolutely amazing and unheard of in many lodges around the country.  So this month I’ve watched members jumping up and saying “I’ll help out, what can I do?”  Every time I turn around someone is offering their time to this committee or that.  This particular member’s actions have been noticed by so many members around the lodge that no less than 4 Elks have nominated her for Elk of the month in the past few weeks.  Her Proposer, Todd Marvin, will be proud to know that he brought into our lodge someone with the energy and dedication to our order that other members are noticing – and she has done this in less than three short months since she was initiated in January of this year, 2018.

27982826_10155528654514302_406907510501873833_oMary Lynn Bogdanovich, you have achieved something only one other member of this lodge has achieved this year in such a short time as a member.  Your enthusiasm, energy and can do attitude is being noticed by your fellow members to the point they are taking the time to talk about your efforts and recommend you to others for your service to the lodge.  Your actions are causing other members to make that extra effort they otherwise may not have chosen to make.  You are not only giving yourself pride in our lodge but by your actions are giving other members that same feeling of pride in our organization.

Since joining in January 2018, Mary Lynn has not only come to the lodge meetings she has jumped to help with any event she can.  If my memory is correct she helped set up the tables for her own initiation dinner!  We found her knee-deep in our February kitchen shut down helping our kitchen committee with everything from the least desirable jobs to the sprucing, polishing and organization it needed.  This past month Mary Lynn traveled to visit with her daughter in the mid-west and is taking the time to go to the nearest lodge meeting to her daughter’s house because she would be missing our early March meeting.

This is the love and dedication to our order that not only makes a member stand out and shine as Elk of the Month it motivates other members around her to do more for the lodge.  To make that extra little effort because of the admiration they have for a fellow member’s enthusiasm.  This is the down in the trenches definition of community service through a benevolent organization.  Thank you, Mary Lynn, for joining our great order and stepping up, asking how you can help and following through with some amazing effort.

We do what we do as Elks not for recognition or personal gain but for the greater and nobler good of the lodge and the community we live in. I know that these members didn’t step up and volunteer to be rewarded for their efforts but never the less we will thank these members and by doing so can develop a pool of eligible recipients for the coveted Elk of the Year Award given each year to the member who is always willing to help, the member our lodge can rely upon to step up and get things done.

Award recipients not only get this article, they receive a $12 gift certificate to our social quarters, an Elk of the Month certificate to pin on their wall and are in the running for Elk of the Year, awarded at the 2018/19 Officer Installation Dinner. You can find the nomination form on our website (, fill it out as best you can and get it to our Exalted Ruler before the 19th of each month –

Congratulations and thank you Mary Lynn – keep up the great work and excellent can-do example for our members!


Officers Elect for 2018/19

cropped-elks-final-web-transperant.png Ballard Lodge #827

Officer’s Elect for the 2018/2019 Elks Year

Nestor Tamayao 2

Exalted Ruler Elect

Nestor Tamayao

Eric Howes

Leading Knight Elect

Erik Howes

Sean Reddy 3

Loyal Knight Elect

Sean Reddy

cindy Olsby

Lecturing Knight Elect

Cindy Olsby

cindy Olsby

1 Year Trustee Elect

Katie Logan

Arni Thomson

2 Year Trustee Elect

Arni Thomson


3 Year Trustee Elect

Joe Tiffany, PER

Tasha McMullin

4 Year Trustee Elect

Tasha McMullin


5 Year Trustee Elect


Lois Morgensen

Secretary Elect

Lois Morgensen

Tammy Walker

Treasurer Elect

Tammy Walker



Officer Installation Dinner is April 7th, 2018

Do you want to Help out your lodge and be nominated to be a Trustee?  Please email our Exalted Ruler at and let it be known.  Your lodge needs your help.
Our incoming Exalted Ruler will also be seeking enthusiastic members to help out with appointed positions like the Tiler or our various committees.   Please take the time to help your lodge.

December Newsletter Released!

It’s that time again – The December newsletter is ready for consumption and online on our virtualAttention-Grabbing-Headlines-clickOB page!  Disco Bingo brings in thousands for Charity! Grants, hygiene drives, candy for the troops – things are happening around the lodge. Read about the upcoming Christmas craft fair, our new Cub Scout Troop and more – the December 827 newsletter, hot off the hard drive and out on the googleweb for Elks consumption!

2017 Ballard Elks Vehicle Decals

Beginning in April, all Ballard Elks Members will be mailed a Ballard Elks Lodge vehicle decal. Show your support of our growing lodge by displaying the decal in your back window.  This will also help us be able to keep track of who is parking in our lot – especially during the summer months.

We’re working with a great company called out of Oregon who were kind enough to provide us with a nonprofit discount.  carstickers-logo

Volunteer Opportunities for November – December

Looking for some opportunities to volunteer and get involved? Here’s a list of volunteer needs through December. Please email if you can help with any of these events.

  • Arts & Crafts for Kids – 11/19
  • Steak Dinner and Initiation Night– 11/22
  • Burgers and Bingo – 12/8
  • Julebukking – 12/16
  • Family Christmas Party – 12/17
  • Steak Dinner and Initiation Night – 12/27 – 6pm

Steak Dinner And Initiation Night – We are always looking for members to come down to help set up, serve, and clean up from the dinner. If you are able to volunteer for these nights, please email show up night of. As a bonus, you can stay following the dinner and welcome our newest initiates!

Roles of Elks Officers

Follow this link and click on Flow Chart on the left button bar for an organization flow chart describing the expected duties and oversight of each position described below

Exaulted Ruler– The “President.” He/she is the Executive Officer of the Lodge and enforces and performs duties required by the Laws of the Order and the By-Laws of the Lodge. The ER appoints all committees and has general supervision over all matters pertaining to the Lodge.

Leading Knight
– “1st Vice-President.” Assists the Exalted Ruler in the performance of his/her duties. Will officiate in the absence of the Exalted Ruler.

Loyal Knight – “2nd Vice President.” Second in command in the absence of the Exalted Ruler.

Lecturing Knight – “3rd Vice President.” Third in command in the absence of the Exalted Ruler.

The Exalted Ruler, Leading Knight, Loyal Knight and Lecturing Knight are “Chair Officers” and are members of the House Committee. Ideally, the Knight positions are rotated through the chairs in their respective order and become Exalted Ruler. In addition, the Knights perform any duties appointed to them or that is specified in the Laws of the Order or Lodge By Laws.

Secretary – Records minutes of Lodge meetings, maintains Lodge accounts, receives all monies and forwards to the Treasurer, reads/answers all correspondence, prepares/administers membership cards.

Treasurer – Receives all monies from the Secretary and gives a receipt, pays approved bills of the Lodge, maintains record of receipts and disbursements, and signs all checks.

Trustees – The Lodge Trustees control the funds and property of the Lodge and hold regular monthly meetings, keep a record of all investments and purchase all Lodge supplies, provide for an Accident Prevention Program and present an annual Lodge budget.

Tiler – Stationed at the door of the Lodge at all meetings, he/she permits no person to enter without previous announcement and permission from the Exalted Ruler.

Esquire – Is stationed to the right of the Exalted Ruler during Lodge meetings. He/she organizes the Lodge, prepares candidates for initiation and introduces visiting members.

Chaplain – Stationed to the left of the Exalted Ruler during Lodge meetings, he/she recites the opening and closing prayers, and performs the duties required by the Laws of the Order and By Laws of the Lodge.

Inner Guard – Positioned at the inner door during Lodge meetings, the Inner Guard allows only those qualified to enter.

The Chaplain, Esquire, Inner Guard and Tiler are appointed by the Exalted Ruler. All other positions are elected. All officers perform other duties as appointed or as required by the Laws of the Order or Lodge By Laws.

House Committee – The House Committee is made up of the Chair Officers (ER, Leading, Loyal and Lecturing Knights.) and the 5 Trustees. The House Committee controls the bar and social quarters of the Lodge. All decisions and actions of the House Committee are subject to the control and direction of the Lodge and its members by discussions and vote at Lodge meetings. The Exalted Ruler is the chairman of the House Committee.

Volunteer Opportunities in September

Looking for some opportunities to volunteer and get involved? Here’s a list of volunteer needs through September. Please email if you can help with any of these events.

  • Bingo and Burgers Night – 9/6
  • Car Show – 9/5
  • Oktoberfest – 9/23
  • Coin Box Brunch – 9/24
  • Kitchen Cleaning Party – 9/10
  • Storage Room Cleaning Party – 9/10
  • Steak Dinner and Initiation Night – 9/27

Frock Swap Donation Organization – We need people for shifts all month to help sort and organize donations coming in. Email us at and we’ll get you scheduled in!

Grounds Committee Cleaning Party – The Elks Grounds Committee is seeking volunteers for weekend mornings during the months of September and October to help clean up the foliage near the front of the building and in the parking strips. Whether you have pruning skills or would just like to be a part of a great group of people who want to help improve the look of our grounds, please email Christy at about your interest in joining our work parties this fall.  This is a great opportunity to volunteer and meet new people!


Ballard Elks Lodge Makes National News





Perhaps some of you have heard over the past few months that the Ballard Elks Lodge has been recognized as The Fastest Growing Elks Lodge in the Country. The news of our growth has reached outside the walls of the Grand Lodge and caught the interest of the national press.

A few months ago a feature writer from a digital publication out of New York called BuzzFeed reached out to us after hearing the great things our lodge was doing. That initial contact lead the writer to spend two weeks at our lodge, attending lodge events and learning more about us. The result was a feature article that just came out last week. We wanted to be the first to share it with you!

Ballard Elks / BuzzFeed Article

As you read through the story you may recognize a few names and faces, as well as, a few new ones. The diversity of our lodge is what makes us who we are. If you haven’t stopped by the lodge in a while, please do. Whether that’s attending or volunteering for one of our events or joining us for one of our monthly meetings. We all share the spirit of Elkdom and can do even greater things together!