Elks Opportunity & Duty

We need your help and involvement to continue to build upon the efforts of our past lodge members and officers to take this lodge, it’s growing membership and amazing facility, through the next few years and beyond.

Our nominations for officers begin at the first lodge meeting in February, the second Tuesday, and finalize with nominations and a vote at the second lodge meeting in February, the fourth Tuesday, the 26th.  Each elected position is open for nominations, only those positions with no one nominated for it can be nominated for on the 26th, so be prepared for nominations on February 12th.

Elected Positions:

  • Exalted Ruler
  • Esteemed Leading, Loyal & Lecturing Knight
  • All 5 Trustee Positions
  • Lodge Secretary and Treasurer

So here’s the deal; we as Elks have this amazing infrastructure behind us.  A massive organization that our predecessors created, funded and invested in a way that if we seize the opportunity to utilize its power to do good in our community it’s there for the asking.  What we need are a dedicated group of members that recognize the worth of this organization and can dedicate the time to make the necessary decisions and changes our lodge needs to keep our doors open for our members and their amazing volunteer energy.

We have a duty, as Elks, to build upon the efforts of our predecessors.  Each of us willingly joined this organization that our predecessors put their hearts and souls into.  We joined because what they created, nurtured and promoted was something that appealed to us.  Whether it was a connection to our community and its youth and veterans or that organizational community social connection to our neighbors that being a member offers it’s something we each needed and had fulfilled when we joined the Elks.  We have the efforts of our previous members and officers to thank and repay for this.

The positions of Esteemed Lecturing Knight and 5 Year Trustee are ones open each and every year for a new person, a new voice with all their passions and direction, to get aboard and join our lodges governing board – but know that each and every position is open for nominations as well and often people’s lives can change mid-commitment and a knights position or trustee position will become vacant come February.  So think about these elected positions, talk with a current officer or Past Exalted Ruler about them and how you can help your lodge.

Not interested in being an officer, member of the governing board and caretaker of our lodge facility and finances?  We have opportunities for you at the committee level – membership, drug awareness, youth activity and more.  Find the manuals on our website (ballardelks.org) and read up about the focus of each committee then tell the officers or Past Exalted Ruler that you want to do this – help the committee or take it on as a chair – we need your help to fulfill our duty to our lodge, our past members, our current members and all those amazing people in our community that will be joining our lodge in the years to come.

We have the opportunity to do something great as Elks.  It takes work, it takes time, there are going to be some bumps in the road, but if our members step up and jump on this opportunity and try, just try to do their best, we will have fulfilled our duty as an Elk.  We can’t do it without you.

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