Greenwood Seafair Parade 2017!

Wednesday July 27th was the annual Greenwood Seafair Parade celebrating 67 years parading through Greenwood from 95th and Greenwood down to 85th where the procession takes a right turn and continues on west to 6th for the end of the event.


Seven loud and proud members of our lodge, led by John Carreiro, paraded through Greenwood in support of our young and growing lodge.  Now Parading, the verb, is defined as walk or march in public in a formal procession or in an ostentatious or attention-seeking way, and parade we 7 did.  With Lois Morgensen, our Lodge Secretary, riding along with Bob Furguell, Past Exalted Ruler, in is beautiful Corvette convertible.  We paraded along loudly proclaiming our lodge as the youngest and fastest growing in the nation – well as best as the 7 of us and our mascot Dakota could manage….


We received the applause and praise of a few people that knew the worth of the Elks for the community and were duly recognized by the parades Grand Marshal until our Exalted Ruler attempted to walk away with the microphone in an attempt to be even louder and prouder about our lodge…:)17thofMay_Festival-Banner-768x99Our next parade isn’t until the 17th of May Celebration, Syttende Mai, in 2018 but now is the time to start thinking and planning to make this one of the best and biggest parades the Ballard Elks has done in years.  Why do you ask?  For a few reasons – the NEW Nordic Heritage museum may be open for visitors, The Ballard Eagles shouldn’t have more people in a parade than us, our incoming State President, John Fry, from the Shoreline Lodge #1800, wants to join us in the parade and deserves to be honored by our lodge as our incoming president from the best district in the state of Washington – the North District #9280 – AND – The Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks will be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of our order on February 16th, 2018!

EGL301_rgDo you have a fancy or unique car or truck? How about a bike, scooter, go cart or ??? – maybe you have a float or a trailer we can make into a float?  Let’s do this right, big & proud.  Not just for our lodge, not just for our incoming state president John Fry, let’s do it for our community – show it the respect it deserves from our lodge who loves it so much.  Contact our Exalted Ruler at and lets get this parade committee up and running for 2018!