Member Recognition Pins!

ENFLogoJPGI am honored to be recognizing our member’s efforts to support the Elks National Foundation and strengthening the Great Heart of Elkdom by making recurring donations to our foundation that does so much good for Elkdom throughout the country.

Below is a list of members that the Elks National Foundation and I would like to thank and honor for their continued financial support of the Elks National Foundation.  When supporting the Elks National Foundation each year you help enable our lodge to receive the grants we need to do good throughout our community and to achieve our Grand Exalted Rulers goal of “Strengthening Elkdom Through Community Awareness.”

The Elks National Foundation created the Road to Renewal recognition program in 2016 by offering a wonderful recognition opportunity – the Road to Renewal Pin Set.  Following your first gift to the Elks National Foundation in the previous fiscal year you receive one of the pins in the set:

ENF Donor Pin Set

  • Second consecutive year of support—Great Heart pin.
  • Third consecutive year of support—Youth pin.
  • Fourth consecutive year—Veterans pin.
  • Fifth consecutive year—Community pin.

Your pin will be presented at the regular lodge meeting on February 13th, 2018, (your Exalted Rulers Birthday) please be in attendance.  If you cannot attend you can pick up your pin in the lodge social quarters after February 13th, 2018.

Ben Braden
Exalted Ruler
Ballard Elks Lodge #827

Ballard Elks Lodge members receiving a Road to Renewal Pin;

Second Year Donors

Ms. Katherine Aina
Mr. Mark Berens
Mr. Benjamin Braden
Mr. Timothy Burggraff
Mr. Tony C. Cuervas
Mr. Matt Glenovich
Mr. Don Gonzales
Mr. Camden Hardy
Mr. Thomas Henderson
Mr. Tim Hess
Mr. Grady Hughes
Mr. Thomas F. Key
Ms. Heather Kolkey
Mr. Leonard Kreiss!
Mr. Thomas Layborn
Mr. Robert McCormick
Mr. Dennis Melton
Mr. Kevin Nelson
Mr. Wayne Okino
Ms. Margaret Radford
Mr. Tim Sandeman
Mr. Brian Saye
Ms. Sara Stevens
Mr. Scott Thomas
Mr. Mitchell Wall
Mr. Christopher S. Webster
Mr. Ron West
Mr. Harry Yoshimura

Third Year Donors

Mr. William K. Buller
Mr. Mark W. Collins
Mr. Doug Forslund
Mr. Joe R. Giseburt
Ms. Deborah Gollnick
Mr. John King
Mr. Ted Kuoppamaki
Ms. Michelle McCormick
Mr. Raymond McCormick
Mrs. Sharon E. Nelson
Ms. Shelli Petersen
Mr. John Richardson
Mr. Mark Romero
Ms. Jacque Sigurdson
Mr. James D. Stremme
Ms. Anne Tiller
Mr. Steve Tsukuno
Mr. Thomas J. Turner
Ms. Julia Weisenburger