Way To Go Ballard!

Membership Commendation 827Congratulations Ballard – You helped your lodge win a membership commendation from our Grand Exalted Ruler Malcolm J McPherson. Jr.!  Every lodge in the Nation was encouraged to initiate new members in the months of August and September and you helped your lodge bring in 96 new members in those two months alone.  96 new members was well over 4 times what any other lodge in the North District of Washington State initiated and more than likely is the highest number in the state!

That is something to be proud of!  You made this happen.  Your efforts, passion and desire is what is attracting your friends, family and fellow neighbors into our lodge and Elkdom as a whole.  Keep up the Great work Ballard!

Do you want to take that energy and passion you have and bring it to the 150th National Convention in San Antonio Texas this summer to help us welcome next years Grand Exalted Ruler from our sister state of Alaska?  This year will be incredible with the 150th celebration and combine that with the festivities planned by Alaska and Washington to celebrate the installation of the new Grand Exalted Ruler it’s an event not to miss!

Full Informational packet and State Registration Form here (.pdf) – Due by March 23rd, 2018