Membership News

  • Membership as of April 1, 2017: 1466
  • Membership gain since April 1, 2017: 190
  • Delinquent members: 197
  • Delinquent member percentage: 13.7% (third highest in the North District)
  • Membership gain/loss as of October 1, 2017: -7

Please take the time to look at the membership numbers above.  Even though we are bringing in a lot of members and it seems like we are doing great on the surface we have not yet brought in more members than are currently delinquent.  These delinquent members will be dropped at the end of this Elks year.  If the end of the year was today we would be at negative seven members (-7).

Our membership Chair Tasha McMullin has had help from Christopher Webster and Marty Paulson along with a few other members.  They have done tireless work to get our delinquency rate to the point that it is, lower than it’s ever been at this time of the year.  Both Tasha and Christopher are also busy running two other very important committees – the House Committee and the Building Committee. Marty is also busy, and doing an amazing job, with the Elks National Foundation Grants.  We need to step up and take the time to help out the Membership Committee, by not only continuing to bring in new members to help offset our rather high delinquency rate (there are only two lodges in our district higher than us) we need to step up and help our membership committee retain members.  Maybe our delinquency rate being high is a product of our growth, but no matter, it’s where we are at and we need to overcome it to do our part for the organization we all are obligated to.  Could be that we don’t do a good job of engaging the newly recruited or the long time members or everyone in between – we can change that with more volunteers helping out.

Are you interested in forming a new sub-committee to our lodge membership committee that will be focused on membership engagement?  Reaching out to all our membership and attempting to make sure that their expectations about our lodge and what it offers them meets the reality in front of them?  If successful this committee could keep many members from ending up on the delinquent member list all together and could have the side effect of creating more fun around our lodge, the kind of fun that brings in our membership and in turn has them bring in their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to join our order.  Contact your Exalted Ruler to volunteer –

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