Ballard Elks Top Recruiters!

Ever wonder how you match up against our membership on your recruitment numbers?  Wonder no more – download the entire lodge rankings here!

Numbers are as of October January 12, 2017.

These numbers represent the amount of people that each member has proposed for membership (New, Reinstated or Affiliated) that have subsequently  gone through initiation or been put on the membership roles since April 1, 2016.  This does not represent the number of people each member has proposed for membership.

Membership prizes are awarded for the number of members initiated in a given year that renew their membership by April 30th of the following Elks year.

For example: Elroy T. Elk proposed 38 people for membership. Of those 38 proposed 35 go through initiation and become members. Of those 35 that go through initiation 30 of them renew their membership before April 30th of the following Elks Year. Elroy is now awarded a prize for 30 new members!

Membership Prizes:

  • A minimum of 3 but under 10 receives a membership Pin
  • A minimum of 11 but under 33 receives a membership watch
  • A minimum of 33 or more receives a membership desk clock
Rank First Name Last Name Total
1 Grims B Gislason 21
2 Karl Johan Uri 12
3 Benjamin Braden 8
3 Rob Casey 8
5 Erik Howes 7
5 Cindy Olsby 7
5 Catherine Rundell 7
8 Jake Hall 5
8 Joseph Tiffany 5
10 Camden Hardy 4
10 Darrell Kirk 4
10 Alexander V Vaughan 4