New Menu!

It’s time to get your Herring on!

New Eats

The New Menu is ready at the Ballard Elks Lodge

Release Date Saturday December 9th!

pdf appsCome on down to the Ballard Elks Lodge Saturday before uncle Torvald and aunt Ingabritt find out about the new menu and eat all the herring!  Take a look at this appetizer menu, Pickled Herring, Frikadeller (Danish Meatballs), Elk Dip, Lettuce Wraps, Charcuterie Tray!  We’ve got your Salads too – Cobb, House, Caesar, Spinach, Cucumber and the old standby’s Wings, Nachos, Quesadilla, Fries, Onion Rings and Tots.  Wow that looks amazing!  Why have anything else?

pdf breakfastBreakfast you say – Now it’s looking good for Breakfast – Eggs Benedict, Omelets, Ship wrecked Scramble, Burritos, Elkwich – Wow I’m getting hungry.  Chicken and Waffles you say – we got that and yogurt too!

But I hear ya, Yah Sure, you want something more to eat that a little appy or weekend breakfast, how about that dinner menu?  Burgers, Rubens, Beer Battered Cod.  Tuna Sandwich, BLT or one of them Vegi Sandwiches?  We got Grilled Cheese, Spicy Chicken, Burger dip and Cheese Steak – want to get your Turkey on, Get the Club!

Of course there will always be rotating specials for both dinner and breakfast some cpdf burgers and sandwichesome down early, come down often and enjoy the great new food at your Ballard Elks Lodge.  Your patronage helps keep the lounge open and offering more and more to all the members – keep coming through that door and order up some Herring today!  As Stan Boreson always said – if you keep some pickled herring handy things will always turn out dandy.

.pdf versions of the new menu