Troop 40827 update

Your Ballard Elks Girl Scout troop has been very busy! In May the Scouts did a beach and parking lot clean up, they also voted to donate 20% of their Cookie Sale proceeds to 2 charities –  The Ballard Food bank and an animal charity. The rest of the cookie money goes to cover the cost of bridging (when they “graduate” to the next level based on their school age) and an end of year BBQ celebration in Golden Gardens which will be in late July. They also had a go fishing fundraiser at the Ballard Seafood Fest.

Pasta dinner1As for our Annual Pasta fundraiser held in May we will use the proceeds to cover camping costs in August, badges and pottery outing as well as monthly supplies needed. The Scouts will be donating 10% back to the lodge as a thank you for the generous room donated to us for our dinner for a total of $516.00 donated back to the lodge. Thank you to everyone who supported and attended this event!

pasta dinner 4The Troop is now divided into sub groups; Daisies, Brownies, Juniors and Cadets. Each sub troop has a leader or co-leaders that are responsible for developing and implementing the curriculum for the Scouts. For example, the Daisies are working on their Daisy Leaves: Count It Up, Money Counts, and Making Choices, the Brownies recently earned their Money Manager Badge and will be choosing and attending a performance at Seattle Children’s Theater and the Juniors have been focusing on gearing up and planning for the August camping trip. Our Cadet is working on a self-selected journey (media). We are now at 36 Scouts total. We will have some adjustments/openings after the bridging ceremony.

Girl Scouts Fish throwIf you would like to join, volunteer, donate or just reach out – email us at