2021 Nominations

The 2021 Nominations for officers of the Ballard Elks Lodge after the 1st lodge meeting in February

Below you will find who has been nominated currently for the 2021/2022 Elks year at the Ballard Elks Lodge #827.  Things are a little different than normal this year with our online meetings and as such our State Sponsor Past Grand Exalted Ruler Roger True has directed how the process will work this year.

In areas where State and Local Health rulings limit gatherings we offer these instructions to be used for “contested” elected positions:

  • For those Lodges that meet twice a month [as we do in Ballard], starting with the first virtual Lodge meeting in February, the Exalted Ruler will announce that the annual nominations for elected officers will start. Any member wanting to run for an elected position must make notice at a Lodge meeting through the last meeting February. This notice for nomination / election must be presented to the members at all meetings through February.
  • At both February lodge meetings the Exalted Ruler will ask for nominations and that a ballot will be created for all contested positions.
  • The Secretary shall prepare ballots with the nominees for each office being contested
  • The Ballot will be available at the Lodge for the 2 days following the last Lodge meeting in February.
  • The Secretary shall announce the opening and closing times for balloting at the Lodge.
  • Any member wishing to vote will go to the Lodge and complete the ballot and place in the ballot box.
  • At close of business on the second day of voting, the Exalted Ruler and Secretary will open the box and count the votes to determine the winner.

The Hours for Balloting at the lodge will be:
(you must find the balloting area, receive your ballot from the volunteer and have your name marked as voted on the membership list)

  • Wednesday February 24th from 10:am to 2:pm
  • Thursday February 25th from 4:pm to 8:pm

Current Nominee List as of February 9th Lodge meeting
(nominations can still happen at the February 23rd meeting)
(please note that any member in good standing can be nominated for any of these positions below)

  • Exalted Ruler – Cindy Olsby – Nominated by Joe Tiffany
  • Leading Knight – Katie Logan – Nominated by Sean Reddy
  • Loyal Knight – Tasha McMullin – Nominated by Nestor Tamayao
    • Note that Evan Boyd has transferred to Naval Lodge and is nominated unopposed to be their Exalted Ruler
  • Lecturing Knight – Dee Ann Evans – Nominated by Katie Logan
  • Secretary – Lois Morgensen – Nominated by Cindy Olsby
  • Treasurer – Cindy Lund – Nominated by Dee Ann Evans
  • Grand Lodge Representative – Vacant

Tasha McMullin resigned her trustee position, thus opening up the 1 year position for next year
Dee Ann Evens resigned her trustee position, thus opening up the 4 year position for next year
The 5 year position was naturally vacant and available for nomination

  • 5yr Trustee –
    • Nick Thornton-Jack – Nominated by Harold Sigurdson
    • Miron DuPont – Nominated by Katie Logan
  • 4yr Trustee –
    • Christopher Webster – Nominated by Nestor Tamayao
    • Tracy Redding – Nominated by Cindy Olsby
  • 3yr Trustee – Darla Geerhart – continuing term
  • 2yr Trustee – Mary Lynn Bogdanovich – continuing term
  • 1yr Trustee –
    • Cliff Shipp – Nominated by Darla Geerhart
    • Pam Reynolds – Nominated by Sean Reddy