Author: Andree Hurley

Swedish Medical Center Blood Drive

Could I trouble you to share information with your members about our Swedish Medical Center Blood Drive for next week? Historically, we see an increase in blood usage during the summer, in particularly around a holiday weekend, but a decrease in blood collection. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here’s a sample messaging that you can use:

It’s a crucial time to bolster our blood supply as appointment bookings are falling critically short of the 1,000 donors needed each day to meet community need this summer. Low appointment sign-ups for the next few weeks are of significant concern. All blood types are needed, especially Universal Donors with Type O blood and Platelets, which are vital to supporting patients in trauma situations. People are urged to make appointments as soon as possible. Consider donating at the Swedish Medical Center (Ballard Campus)* next week on July 6th/7th and then donate 56 days later at Ballard Elks Lodge in September and help make sure lifesaving blood is there for the patients who need it.  Same-day appointments available. Appointments to donate blood can be booked at or 800-398-7888.

*Donor IncentiveAnyone who donates at the Swedish Medical Center (Ballard campus) blood drive will receive a redemption code to reserve two complimentary tickets to the National Nordic Museum.

June and July Activities

There’s tons of fun happening at your Lodge this summer!

Dear Members;
Summer is just around the corner and your Lodge is busier than ever.  I hope you will join us for many of the events and activities coming up.  Below you’ll find information on these great events happening in June and into July.

We’ll also have two Lodge Meetings in June:

  • June 14th, 7:30 PM.  Come to the meeting wearing your shades and get a treat!  (The future’s so bright, you gotta’ wear shades!).  The new, cool, Hawaiian officer shirts will also be available to all – just $60.
  • June 28th, 7:30 PM.  Lodge Meeting and Initiation!  Come support those new members!

Days of the week are unique!

  • Monday’s:  Paddle Club Races
  • Wednesday’s:  Wine Wednesday’s – discounted wine!
  • Thursday’s:  King of Ballard
  • Friday’s:  BELLs – Ballard Elks Ladies Golf League (contact Amy – for details!

Volunteer Opportunities:

See you at the Lodge!

Fraternally yours,
Katie Logan, Exalted Ruler

Events in June = Members on the Move! 
When the downstairs is rented for private events, the members use the upstairs Social Quarters.  Here are the June dates when that happens:
  • Saturday, June 11th (members UPSTAIRS)
  • Tuesday, June 14th (members UPSTAIRS)
  • Wednesday, June 15th (members UPSTAIRS)
  • Saturday, June 18th (members UPSTAIRS)
  • Saturday, June 25th (members UPSTAIRS)

FLAG DAY June 11th

Ballard 827, Seattle 92 and Shoreline Lodges are combining to present a Flag Day observance at the Shoreline Lodge.  5:00 PM.

Afterwards, stick around for the John Fry Fish Fry – $18 per order, supporting ENF.

Let’s get enough 827 members there so we can get our apple back!