Annual Hoop Shoot Contest

Join Us for the Annual Hoop Shoot Contest!

The District finals will be at Royal Brougham Pavilion at Seattle Pacific University on January 28th from 9am – 1pm.

The Elks 51st Annual Hoop Shoot Contest will be at the Ballard Boys & Girls Club (BBGC) on Saturday, December 3rd this year. We are still confirming the time that day, and it will probably be in the late afternoon once the BBGC knows it’s Fall schedule over the next couple of weeks..  It is open to all boys and girls ages 8 – 13 as of April 1, 2023.   The Hoop Shoot Contest is broken into 3 contest groups for the boys and girls each (6 total winners):

  • 8-9 year old Boys and 8-9 year old Girls (shooting from 11 feet instead of foul line)
  • 10-11 year old Boys and 10-11 year old Girls (shooting a standard Free Throw)
  • 12-13 year old Boys and 12-13 year old Girls (shooting a standard Free Throw

The Hoop Shoot itself is a Free Throw Shooting contest (  for all contestants, except for 8 and 9 year contestants, who will be shooting from 11 feet instead of 15 feet from the basket.  All contestants will shoot a total of 25 Free Throws, which will be broken up into 2 different sessions.  At the start of the contest, all participants in an age group will shoot 10 Foul Shots each.  After everyone in the age group finishes  their 10 shots, then they shoot an additional 15 shots for a total of 25.  Once everyone has completed their free throws, if we have a single leader with the most shots made, that participant wins.  If there is a tie, then those tied will continue to shoot an additional five free throws until we have a winner.

The six winners advance to Districts in Seattle at SPU in January.  The District finals will be at Royal Brougham Pavilion at Seattle Pacific University on January 28th from 9am – 1pm.  If they keep winning in their age group, they would continue to advance to the following stages:

  • State Finals – February 4th, 2023 at Saint Martin’s University in Lacy, WA.
  • Northwest Region Finals – March 2023 in Pasco, WA
  • 2022 National Finals – April, 2023 in Chicago, IL

All six National Champions will have their names on digital display at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass.  The Finals is an expense paid contest.   This is a truly outstanding experience for the kids and families.

Elk of the Month goes to Chris Johnson

Elk of the Month goes to Chris Johnson

This one is LONG overdue!!! Chris has been volunteering for over 5 years EVERY Thursday night!!! How did we miss this one?

Well his time has come – you’ve seen him serve food with a HUGE smile as we said every Thursday – and sometimes he mixes it up and does 2 nights per week. He shows up – does he pre-work and gets busy right away. He knows more about the kitchen than most of us house or board members do – and we appreciate that.


Chris has been an Elk for over 14 years, starting in Kodiak Alaska. He joined Ballard about 12 years ago – and for that we are thankful.  We also appreciate his attire, wearing a Hawaiian shirt every time he works bringing even more sunshine to the Ballard Elks.

Thank you, Chris, for all that you do!!! Congratulations.

Blood Drive

Your Community Needs You. You’re not the type to let your car run out of gas. And as a blood donor, we know you’re not the type to let your community run out of blood either. Bloodworks Northwest is asking you to donate in the final stretch of summer. Trauma cases spike significantly this time of year, and we need to ensure people have access to the blood they need. We encourage you to make an appointment to donate as soon as you’re able to. For those who didn’t get an opportunity to sign up to donate at the Ballard Elks Lodge #827, here’s your chance. Bloodworks just opened up 20 extra timeslots on September 8th – secure your appointment now before it’s all taken! Make an appointment by visiting or call 800-398-78888. Same day appointments often available.