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Ballard Elks Members have helped their lodge donate almost half a million dollars to our community since 2004!  Amazing work Ballard – through charitable giving and volunteer hours you have helped your lodge make a huge impact on our community’s welfare.  Give yourself a solid pat on the back for being part of the Ballard Elks and helping our lodge, through our members efforts, do good in our community.

By joining our lodge and being one person putting your efforts together with other likeminded and benevolent members you are part of something bigger than yourself and are helping all those other members of our lodge reach heights that they otherwise couldn’t have reached without combining your and every other members involvement.  Thank you for all you do.

So where do these numbers come from you ask?

These numbers come from a report our lodge turns in to the Grand Lodge each and every year reporting the previous Elk years monetary donations along with our volunteer hours you report after each event you help out at.  Those hours mean something to your lodge.  When we apply an hourly number to that volunteer time the true value of our lodges charitable donations to our community, the direct impact we as members have, is quantifiable and reportable not only to our fellow members but to our community through our various public relations committees and to our local, state and national government through our various government relations committees.

Those volunteer hours matter so keep reporting them!

Below is the actual yearly numbers that were reported to Grand Lodge.  Now we all know that most of us forget to log our volunteer hours so the actual numbers are probably a lot more than reported.  Reported as Elks year ending in:

  • 2004 – $48,664
  • 2005 – $39,614
  • 2006 – $21,430
  • 2007 – $41,583
  • 2008 – $19,353
  • 2009 – $13,687
  • 2010 – $24,157
  • 2011 – $31,487
  • 2012 – $17,663
  • 2013 – $38,595
  • 2014 – $26,138
  • 2015 – $34,885
  • 2016 – $25,073
  • 2017 – $28,174
  • 2018 – $31,021

** Note: 2004 is as far back as the national database goes on computer – since founding in 1903 the Ballard Lodge’s value to our community is certainly much, much more than is reported here.