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A SECOND CHANCE to buy your custom, one of a kind BRICK!

Attention Ballard Elks #827 Members and Fans!

You have a SECOND CHANCE to buy your custom, one of a kind BRICK!

DON’T Delay this time! Ordering closes February 29th! DO IT NOW!

Show your support for our cherished Ballard Elks Lodge #827 and make your mark in history with a custom engraved brick in our “Walk of Honor”. Your custom, one of a kind brick will be installed in the front of the building near the flag pole. Your contribution to help our Lodge Operations Funds will be recognized for years to come! Limited Opportunity!

Order Don’t Wait…Order Now!

You can choose from three brick sizes.
4 x 8 Loyal Brick @ $150 EA
8 x8 Leading Brick @ $300 EA
12 x 12 Exalted Brick @ $500 EA

Use this form to buy your brick:

ZOOM Bingo on Saturday, Feb 6 @ 6p!

We will be selling bingo packets and daubers in the Elks parking lot from 3-5:30p that day. Cash or check only. With your bingo packets, you’ll receive your games, the ZOOM log-in, and your bingo guide/cheat sheet for the night.
$20 gets you 9 regular game sheets (with 6 cards/ea) and one Black Out game card.
$2 for Special Game cards
$3 for Progressive Blackout

$1 for Daubers

  • Regular 9 games pay out $40/ea
  • Regular Black Out pays $75
  • Two $2 Special Games. Buy as many cards as you want — winner gets 1/2 the pot for each game.
  • Last game is Progressive Black Out. Get a black out with first 56 numbers called, and win at least $1085. If you don’t get blackout in 56 numbers, keep playing that card for a second chance at the regular $75 blackout!
For a quick and easy pick up, pre-order your bingo packets at the link below.
(Pre-order is not required. Day of, drive-up orders welcome!)

Our Secret Beach Bar~At The Ballard Elks will have a soft opening this weekend!

Exciting News! The Members Spoke and so it is happening!
Our Secret Beach Bar~At The Ballard Elks will have a soft opening this weekend!
Friday from 4 to 9 with Delfinos Food Truck serving their delicious Pizza’s, Salads and more!
Saturday food TBD. NEXT SATURDAY SOSOGOOD Food Truck
Sunday from 10 to 4 breakfast will be served
The patio is heated and the view is A-Mazing!
Remember there is no bad weather just bad clothes!
Come support the Lodge!
Thank you to the Secret Beach committee for all of your hard work!
All Covid rules will be strictly followed !

Mad Hatter Zoom Bingo!

Zoom Bingo Details:

  • $20 to play 9 games + Blackout
  • Daubers:  $1/ea (limited supply)
  • Add on:  Special Game $2/ea; Progressive Blackout $3/ea
  • Get a blackout in first 55 numbers and win a minimum $997 pot!!

**If you are going to play Bingo, you have to pay cash for your Bingo card – it’s Washington State gaming law (but you can still pre-pay for the dinner part).

Questions?  Email

Thanks for supporting Ballard Elks Lodge #827!

Drive-through Chicken or Cheese Enchilada Meal!

Don’t delay – order your drive thru Chicken or Cheese Enchilada meal today!  Pickup is Saturday, January 2nd.  We’re serving homemade enchiladas cooked by our very own PER Erik Howes, Kim Carroll and their Family crew!  Pick up a dinner then head home to play Zoom Bingo! (Bingo playing is optional).

Order dinner at



Dinner Menu:

  • $20 for 3 Chicken Verde Enchiladas or 3 Cheese Enchiladas with Verde Sauce, Rice and your choice of Whole Beans or Refried Beans
  • $3 for an order of Chips and Salsa
  • $15 for a bottle of Spanish wine – choose from Cava (bubbles for the New Year!), Tempranillo and Albaríno
  • $3 for a bottle of Mexican beer – choose from Estrella Jalisco or Corona
  • $3 for 1 or $5 for 2 for Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars for dessert!

Dinner pickup:  Between 4:30PM – 7PM

New!  You can now pre-pay for your dinner with a credit or debit card or your PayPal account!  You can still pay with cash or check at the time of pickup if you prefer to do that instead.

**If you are going to play Bingo, you have to pay cash for your Bingo card – it’s Washington State gaming law (but you can still pre-pay for the dinner part).

Questions?  Email

Thanks for supporting Ballard Elks Lodge #827!

Homemade Spaghetti and Meatball Fundraiser Dinner

The Legacy Brick Committee Presents: 

A Homemade Spaghetti and Meatball Fundraiser Dinner to support the Lodge Operating Fund of Ballard Elks Lodge 827!  Dinner will be spaghetti, homemade Italian meatballs and sauce (or Spaghetti with marinara sauce – our vegetarian option), and a Caesar salad and piece of garlic bread!  Wines by the bottle are also available for purchase at special pricing.  Dinner will be prepared by Erik Howes Past Exalted Ruler and family crew!  The date is Saturday, December 5th, and pickup times are between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.  And as a bonus, you get a Legacy Bricks 2.0 Order form in your bag too!


$20.00 – Spaghetti with Meatballs + Caesar Salad + Garlic Bread

$15.00 – Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce + Caesar Salad + Garlic Bread

$15.00 – Wines by the Bottle – 4 options to choose from!

$5.00 – Additional Caesar Salads

To Order, go to:

Or email

Share’n is Care’n

As Elks, our members are never forgotten, never forsaken.  In these uncertain times Elks remember this obligation and step up to help their fellow members, give them hope and fellowship, possibly a helping hand if so needed.

We are lucky here at Ballard Elks Lodge #827, years ago our wonderful member Sharon Goochey created the Share’n is Care’n fund that still exists today to help our members in need.  It’s now that we are truly thankful for Sharon’s foresight.

SHARE’N – Send Help And Resources Elk Nation

The original mission Statement –

Sharon pictured center

To help Ballard Elks Members in sickness or distress.  The goal is ‘ease of day,’ meaning, how can we help make someone’s day easier while they are dealing with their current situation?  This could be meal deliveries, cab rides to doctor appointments, small household projects, help with errands, etc.

It is now that we need your help to honor Sharon’s foresight and reinvigorate this amazing program – if for nothing more than a phone call from a fellow member giving hope and kindness.

We need a minimum of 20 members to step up and offer to help contact each and every one of our members, say hello, have a conversation, ask what they need and how they can get help or how they can give help to their fellow Elks.

Logistics –

  • Directly contact by phone (preferably) or email our 2000+ members. Contact information will be provided to you by the committee organizer.
    • With 20 members helping that is approximately 100 phone calls each – no matter where they live.
    • Make a record of your contact and what they need or can offer
      • Need a phone call back to chat
      • Need a lawn mowed
      • Need something delivered from the store
      • Can help someone with
      • Can offer financial assistance if needed
    • Follow through with what they need or can offer to it’s end.  You don’t have to do it yourself but you will need to make an effort to find someone that can do it or connect the member with someone they can help.
    • Follow up with everyone regularly through these tough times
    • Build the fellowship in our membership through your efforts.

This will be time consuming, but your efforts will be rewarding.

The Share’n is Care’n committee is re-instituted and we need 20+ members for our working committee and committee Chair(s).  If you want to run this program or help out we need  you to say so.

No Member is Alone

Can You Help?

Please contact Ben Braden at to get on board today.

Our Past Exalted Ruler Association

We’re completing our first year!  The Ballard Past Exalted Ruler Association, in the process of being reborn, is now coming up on its first complete year of meetings and activities in longer than any of us can remember.  A significant achievement and one our lodge and fellow Elks are beginning to see a benefit from.

Our association now has Continue reading “Our Past Exalted Ruler Association”