Elk of the Month!

We’re doing the covid catch up on recognizing our members that have done so much over this past year and deserve our thanks

The enthusiastic and tireless volunteer work by our amazing member Pamela Reynolds is quickly becoming the benchmark for all our volunteers to try and emulate.  Pamela has done an amazing job through our current covid restricted times making sure our members stay connected through the many drive through dinners our lodge has put on over the past year.

We would be remiss in our duties as Past Exalted Rulers to ignore the incredible contributions of time, energy and money that Pamela has brought to our beloved lodge and is doing it in a time that everything is taking double the effort because of the restrictions and guidelines.

Pamela Reynolds – Thank you!  With your efforts you are helping build the energy Ballard needs to come out of this pandemic shining and is encouraging those around you to have fun and volunteer to help out around the lodge.  Well done and thank you from the Past Exalted Ruler Association and your fellow lodge members.