Elk of the Month, August 2017 – Jeremiah Smith

jeremiahAnother month has passed and I was very surprised to find out that not one person had been nominated by their fellow members for Elk of the Month! But that’s ok, because I had my sights on a particular member who is exhibiting those traits instilled in me as child by every scanda-houvian adult around me – “Son, if you see something that needs to be done, why didn’t you do it?” I can’t tell you how many times I heard that one, after a while it becomes ingrained in you and simply can’t help but do what needs to be done if you have the time and ability.

This member did exactly that. He saw that our parking spots for the disabled needed to be repainted, something that would better our lodge, and simply did it. The materials didn’t cost him much, he didn’t ask for reimbursement – he just did it. The funniest part to me; when the project was completed one of his fellow members let me know as Exalted Ruler and hoped that it was ok with me that he had just done it! Good stuff! But exactly the type of ownership in our lodge that instills the pride we all want to feel for our beloved benevolent organization.

I am honored to recognize the efforts by Jeremiah Smith for his loyal and meritorious services in the furtherance of the aims of our order. Jeremiah is involved with our very active Ballard Elks Paddle Club and by his actions is instilling that do what you see needs to be done attitude in a large group of active members that are involved at our lodge. Jeremiah, I was touched by your enthusiasm and efforts – your lodge thanks you.

We do what we do as Elks not for recognition or personal gain but for the greater and nobler good of the lodge and the community we live in. I know that these members didn’t step up and volunteer to be rewarded for their efforts but never the less we will thank these members and by doing so can develop a pool of eligible recipients for the coveted Elk of the Year Award given each year to the member who is always willing to help, the member our lodge can rely upon to step up and get things done.

Elk of the Month Award recipients not only get this article in the Antlers, they receive a $12 gift certificate to our social quarters, an Elk of the Month certificate to pin on their wall and are in the running for Elk of the Year, awarded at the 2018/19 Officer Installation Dinner.

You can find the nomination form on our website (ballardelks.org), fill it out as best you can and get it to our Exalted Ruler before the 19th of each month – exaltedruler@ballardelks.org.

Congratulations Jeremiah – keep up the great work!

~ Ben Braden