Girl Scout updates and cookie sales coming up!

We had another successful Girl Scout meeting last night at the lodge!! 28 girls showed up (we now have 31 members) to receive their first badge, the friendship badge and to craft their name tags and folders for paperwork. Please note, your generous donations allowed us to provide a friendship badge for every girl last night. They were SO EXCITED!!!!

We are also working on our Cookie selling strategy – SO GET READY – we can take pre-orders starting late January – so be on the lookout for alerts from us when we can start actually taking orders AND the girls will be selling IN PERSON at some lodge events in March. We will keep you posted on EVERYTHING cookie sales.

This is also a gentle reminder that we are still in ramp up mode and accepting donations (craft supplies and cold hard cash most needed). Please email to donate!

Here’s some photos from our meeting including Claire our newest member (age 5).

gsJan1  gsjan2