Help Your Lodge!


We need your help and involvement to continue to build upon the efforts of our past lodge members and officers to take this lodge, it’s growing membership and amazing facility, through the next few years and beyond.  It’s time to think about renewing the officer’s at the lodge.  Yes, our year won’t come to end until March 31st, but nominations for officers are taken at the first lodge meeting in February 2020.

Just 4 Months Away!

This is our chance to help lay down the course of the lodge and have our voices heard by placing capable members in position to lead our lodge that have the ability to act and make the direction a reality.  These officers do much more than act out the rituals of our meetings.  They take the time, each and every day, to deal with the activities of our lodge, support our members and their events, represent our members at the state and national levels and do the necessary work and make the important decisions to keep this lodge open for the generations of members to come through its doors.

What our lodge needs is a dedicated group of members that recognize the worth of this organization and can dedicate the time to make the necessary decisions and changes our lodge needs to keep our doors open for our members and their amazing volunteer energy.  Many of our officers are working full time jobs and have active growing families – don’t see retirement as a barrier to becoming an officer!

Your involvement makes success happen.

Often a current officer will move to the next position in line, ensuring institutional knowledge and development of the necessary skills as one progresses through the chairs.  This does not mean you can’t nominate another member for any position.  If you believe a current officer is not up to the task or isn’t representing our lodge as you would like, you are welcome to be nominated or nominate someone else for any position.

  • Nominations for Officers – February 11th, 2020
  • Nominations for positions without anyone nominated can happen on Election Day
  • Nominations on election day cannot be made for positions that have someone already nominated for that position
  • Election of Officers – February 25th, 2020

Each of us willingly joined this organization that our predecessors put their hearts and souls into.  We joined because what they created, nurtured and promoted was something that appealed to us.  Whether it was a connection to our community and its youth and veterans or the social connection to our neighbors that being a member offers, it’s something we each needed and had fulfilled when we joined the Elks.

There is also an opportunity to fill lodge appointed positions – Esquire, Chaplain, Inner Guard, Tiller, Organist, Presiding Justice, and Forum Mediator.  Each has unique duties that can be both challenging and rewarding of you just step up and ask about doing it.

There are more opportunities for you at the committee level – membership, drug awareness, youth activity, public relations and more.  Find the manuals on our website ( and read up about the focus of each committee then tell the officers or Past Exalted Rulers that you want to do this – help the committee or take it on as a chair – we need your help to fulfill our duty to our lodge, our past members, our current members and all those amazing people in our community that will be joining our lodge in the years to come.

We have the opportunity to do something great as Elks.  It takes work, it takes time, there are going to be some bumps in the road, but if our members step up and jump on this opportunity and try, just try to do their best, we will have fulfilled our duty as an Elk.  We can’t do it without you.

Join your Past Exalted Rulers on the third Tuesday of November, the 19th, to ask us any questions you have and learn more about what you can expect with any of these positions.  We are here for our lodge – contact us via email with any questions at