It’s Game Time!

The Membership Committee is planning a new game incorporated into our Antlers Newsletter.  Members who actually read the monthly lodge newsletter might find their membership number hidden somewhere inside. When the member finds their number, the member comes to the next Lodge meeting to collect $25 in person, in cash.  The pot builds if it’s not claimed each month to a maximum of $300!

  • Only can be claimed at the next Lodge meeting after a newsletter is printed.  Generally the second Tuesday of the month after a newsletter comes out unless there is only one meeting in the next month, (July, August & December)
  • You must be present at the meeting to win.

How it works: a member number will be chosen at the second Tuesday of the month Lodge meeting by our Esquire. ((28311)) It will be recorded and then sent to the newsletter editing team to be hidden somewhere in the text of any article in the Antlers newsletter for the month after the number was drawn.  If you see your number in the newsletter bring it and yourself to the next lodge meeting after the newsletter was printed to claim your prize – and don’t forget your membership card!  You need to be a member in good standing to attend the meeting and therefore to claim the prize.

We’ve hidden a membership number in this text as an example. Did you find it?

The goal is to encourage members to receive the lodge newsletter, read the Newsletter and attend a meeting (even if it’s the only meeting of the year they attend to claim their prize!).  Below is the email activity report from the February 2019 Antlers Newsletter that was emailed out on January 30th, 2019.  Notice that over 1500 emails went out yet the newsletter was only opened to be read by 213 members that received it.  We have to be able to do better than 213! Conversely know that the newsletter was printed and mailed out to almost 500 members at an average cost of $1.20/member.  Affording to mail it everyone is a tremendous cost to the lodge so we appreciate those that receive it by email and are hoping to find an exciting way to get them read.

Learn more about the Antlers Newsletter by following this link.

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Mary Lynn Bogdanovich (her idea)

& the Ballard Lodge Membership Committee