Membership Awards!

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Grand Exalted Ruler Membership Awards

We are honored to recognize our member’s efforts in bringing the community into the walls of our great lodge and strengthening the Great Heart of Elkdom by proposing new members to our lodge and benevolent society and then seeing these members through to initiation and finally membership in our order.

Below is a list of members that our Grand Exalted Ruler Malcolm J. McPherson, Jr. and I would like to thank and congratulate for meeting and some exceeding our membership award goal of bringing in 3 new or reinstated members to our order.  By bringing our community members within our walls you help build the stepping stone needed to enable our lodge to achieve our Grand Exalted Rulers goal of “Strengthening Elkdom Through Community Awareness.”

These awards were presented at the regular lodge meeting on April 10th, 2018.  If you did not attend you can pick up your award in the lodge office after April 11th, 2018.  Grand Exalted Ruler Award pins are earned for any combination of 3 new or reinstated members.  One pin for every three members.  A Grand Exalted Ruler Award watch is earned for any combination of 11 new or reinstated members.  Want to know where you stand on earning an award, take a look here (

Ballard Elks Lodge members receiving a Grand Exalted Ruler Membership Award (to date & in no particular order)

  • Tammy Walker –  Receiving her first pin for bringing in 3 new members
  • John Stimac – Receiving his first pin for bringing in 3 new members
  • Cindy Olsby – Receiving her first pin for bringing in 3 new members
  • Kathleen Greer-Wilkes – Receiving her first pin for bringing in 3 new members
  • Salena Reeves – Receiving her first pin for bringing in 3 new members
  • Terri Leigh Both – Receiving her first pin for bringing in 3 new members
  • Anne Tiller – Receiving her 2nd & 3rd pins for bringing in 9 new members
  • Grims Gislason, Past Exalted Ruler – Receiving his 4th pin for bringing in 12 new members
  • Ben Braden, Past Exalted Ruler – Receiving his 5th pin for bringing in over 15 new members

Congratulations to everyone that has received a membership award.  We are done with this past Elks year, 2017/18, and we have two members who have earned a membership watch, 40 members brought in over 3 new initiates and another large group of members that are on the cusp of earning a membership pin with 2 new initiates and over 200 members have brought in one new initiate.  With your help the power of our lodge to pursue benevolent activities in our community continues to grow and grow – Thank you for your help.