New Blood Drive Coordinator Needed

Our Ballard Elks Blood Drive chair has moved away and we need someone to step up and take the helm.

Every Elks Lodge has a prime responsibility to establish and maintain a position of leadership in the community by fostering, supporting or spearheading programs concerned with community involvement. Our bi-annual Blood Drive is one of the important ways we do this.

We have secured the date of October 11th with Bloodworks NW for the next drive, but it won’t happen unless a member or group of members steps up to the plate to coordinate.

The former chair has generously documented each step of the planning process to make turning it over to new blood very easy!

Please email if you are interested.


1) Call our contact below at Bloodworks NW to suggest a few dates at least 6 weeks prior to when you want to host the event. Monday noon-6:00 works well which means 11-7:00 set up and finish up. Usually Boy Scouts have the hall starting at 7:00 on Mondays.

2) Determine whether the Elks lodge upstairs hall can be reserved for the event, then reserve it.

3) Confirm date with BloodWorks NW. They will provide sign-up sheet/schedule and posters to put up at the Elks and anywhere you think they might get some traction (schools, libraries, coffee shops, etc).

4) Work with Elks PR Committee to market the event. Send a blast email (contacts provided) 4 weeks before the event announcing it (place, time, etc) and ask prospects to email/call you to set appointments to donate (include a line “walk-ins welcome too”). (You can contact

5) Do another PR/email blast 2 weeks before the event, a week before the event, and the day before the event. (You can contact to help make this happen)

6) You only need 1 person to be on site to host the event, but 2 is better and necessary if either wants to donate. Bloodworks NW does all the rest. Voila!