Share’n is Care’n Committee Update

Covid-19 Volunteer Work

The response has been nothing short of amazing for this lodge committee.

We now have 25 members going through our entire membership list and making attempts at contacting each and every person from our oldest to our youngest members, to our delinquent members and our new candidates alike.  One of these volunteers knows the burden of this virus too well as she sits home recovering from a thankfully mild case while thinking of her friends going through a much more severe sickness.

In these calls and emails our volunteers are asking our members what we can do for you.  Help with walking a dog, bringing a meal by, going grocery shopping and the like.  We’ve had some fun requests like a young good-looking companion to keep me company or beer delivery services.  These, of course, are in jest and bring some lighthearted conversation to an otherwise stressful situation while just waiting things out with so many unknowns.  But each member contacted now knows where they can turn if they do need help.  That is a comfort each member can hold onto.

The Share’n committee has also put together a list of over 30 members willing to do something to help.  To go get those groceries or walk that dog or sew up some protective gear and more.  We have the volunteers ready to help above and beyond the 25 members making phone calls and emails.

On the negative side we have learned about an elderly member who recently passed away (unrelated to the covid-19 virus) and two other members that are in the hospital struggling with the virus itself.  This virus is real to our lodge and community.

Please know that the Share’n is Care’n committee does have some basic funding from previous fundraising events we’ve had at the lodge.  If you want to do something below but need help with funds please ask.  If you need funds to get a lift to the doctor please ask.  Email to

Specific requests we have received:

  • A member that recently moved out of our region shared struggling with getting food for her and her family. This person’s contact was passed on to our lodge Standing Relief Committee for them to follow up with
  • A member that is a doctor at Harbor View asked for help with childcare services. Elementary age kids that live in the Loyal Heights area.  Information was shared from another member not on our committee about what the Ballard Boys and Girls club is offering for childcare for those in the health care industry.  More may be needed in this situation from our membership.
  • A member working at the Columbia Lutheran Home on Phinney came to us with a number of requests:
    • We are in desperate need of nurses and nurse aides [at the Columbia Lutheran Home]. They have released the regulations so even those who are retired can be working.
    • We also need housekeepers, laundry workers, maintenance and kitchen help. If you know someone out of work right now they could start right away.
    • We could use disposable or washable gowns (we have found that washable choir robes are perfect with elastic at the wrists) and masks
    • We need cards and letters for our Residents. Something handmade would be wonderful.  Cards to brighten their day and give them a little hope and kindness.
      • Cards can be mailed to:

Columbia Lutheran Home
Share’n Cards
4700 Phinney Ave N
Seattle, Washington 98103

    • We also have some sewing projects if you know someone who sews.
    • Staff comfort requests
        • Hand lotions (travel size so they don’t share them)
        • K Cup for coffee maker
        • Individually packaged snacks (not homemade due to the risk of foodborne illness)
        • Sanitizing wipes

Please contact for any of the above items for Columbia Lutheran Home:
via email at
Beth Hartman
Columbia Lutheran Home
4700 Phinney Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103