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Help Your Lodge!


We need your help and involvement to continue to build upon the efforts of our past lodge members and officers to take this lodge, it’s growing membership and amazing facility, through the next few years and beyond.  It’s time to think about renewing the officer’s at the lodge.  Yes, our year won’t come to end until March 31st, but nominations for officers are taken at the first lodge meeting in February 2020.

Just 4 Months Away!

This is our chance to help lay down the course of the lodge and have our voices heard by placing capable members in position to lead our lodge that have the ability to act and make the direction a reality.  These officers do much more than act out the rituals of our meetings.  They take the time, each and every day, to deal with the activities of our lodge, support our members and their events, represent our members at the state and national levels and do the necessary work and make the important decisions to keep this lodge open for the generations of members to come through its doors.

What our lodge needs is a dedicated group of members that recognize the worth of this organization and can dedicate the time to make the necessary decisions and changes our lodge needs to keep our doors open for our members and their amazing volunteer energy.  Many of our officers are working full time jobs and have active growing families – don’t see retirement as a barrier to becoming an officer!

Your involvement makes success happen.

Often a current officer will move to the next position in line, ensuring institutional knowledge and development of the necessary skills as one progresses through the chairs.  This does not mean you can’t nominate another member for any position.  If you believe a current officer is not up to the task or isn’t representing our lodge as you would like, you are welcome to be nominated or nominate someone else for any position.

  • Nominations for Officers – February 11th, 2020
  • Nominations for positions without anyone nominated can happen on Election Day
  • Nominations on election day cannot be made for positions that have someone already nominated for that position
  • Election of Officers – February 25th, 2020

Each of us willingly joined this organization that our predecessors put their hearts and souls into.  We joined because what they created, nurtured and promoted was something that appealed to us.  Whether it was a connection to our community and its youth and veterans or the social connection to our neighbors that being a member offers, it’s something we each needed and had fulfilled when we joined the Elks.

There is also an opportunity to fill lodge appointed positions – Esquire, Chaplain, Inner Guard, Tiller, Organist, Presiding Justice, and Forum Mediator.  Each has unique duties that can be both challenging and rewarding of you just step up and ask about doing it.

There are more opportunities for you at the committee level – membership, drug awareness, youth activity, public relations and more.  Find the manuals on our website (ballardelks.org) and read up about the focus of each committee then tell the officers or Past Exalted Rulers that you want to do this – help the committee or take it on as a chair – we need your help to fulfill our duty to our lodge, our past members, our current members and all those amazing people in our community that will be joining our lodge in the years to come.

We have the opportunity to do something great as Elks.  It takes work, it takes time, there are going to be some bumps in the road, but if our members step up and jump on this opportunity and try, just try to do their best, we will have fulfilled our duty as an Elk.  We can’t do it without you.

Join your Past Exalted Rulers on the third Tuesday of November, the 19th, to ask us any questions you have and learn more about what you can expect with any of these positions.  We are here for our lodge – contact us via email with any questions at 827per@ballardelks.org

Elk of the Month

What an amazingly busy and fun time we’ve had around the lodge this summer!  As we come into our even busier fall months the Past Exalted Ruler Association and our Ballard Elks Lodge would like to recognize an Elk that time and time again has stepped up to run not only some fun lodge events but does the behind the scenes things that makes us all thankful and proud to call him an Elk.  You’ve seen him welcoming people to the lodge and consistently organizing volunteers to do good for our community

This member of the Ballard Elks Lodge, initiated in February of 1991 was recognized by the lodge with Honorary Life Member status in 2005.  He has served as a lodge officer multiple times, acting as our Exalted Ruler in 2004 and a lodge trustee after that.  He has ran and organized our Christmas Basket program for easily 12 years and this past month put on one of the most well attended Ballard Elks Car Shows any of us can remember.  Raising thousands for our lodge and charity while at the same time hosting an event that every age group in our lodge could come and enjoy.  With literally hundreds of spectators wandering through our parking lot during the event we exposed our lodge, the great things we do and incredible fun we had to many in our community

Johnny Muzevic – Thank you!  You’ve gone above and beyond to help our lodge succeed, to support Elkdom and to set the example of what it means to be connected to Elkdom and our community.  Your efforts are helping build the fun and friendship in Ballard and is encouraging those around you to recognize what great things we have and look into how they can do more for our fellow lodge members and our community.  Well done and thank you from the Past Exalted Ruler Association and your fellow Elks at the Ballard Elks lodge 827.  It’s these types of actions that leave a lasting impression.

Monthly Elk of the Month Award recipients not only get this article in the Antlers Newsletter & Online, they receive a $12 gift certificate to our social quarters, an Elk of the Month certificate to pin on their wall and are in the running for Elk of the Year, awarded at the Officer Installation Dinner each year. You can find the nomination form on our website (ballardelks.org), fill it out as best you can and get it to our Past Exalted Ruler Association before the 19th of each month – 827per@ballardelks.org

Anti-Bullying Month!

We Need Your help to make sure this message reaches the most kids in our community it can.  Please download the PDF, print it and post at your school or community center or ???

Taproot Theater performs these plays in schools, churches, community centers and other places like the Elks and often the organization can’t afford the fees and Taproot steps in with their financial assistance program and makes sure the costs are covered and the message gets to the kids.  We want to support this program.  It can save lives!  If you or your business can pledge any amount towards this charitable program we would greatly appreciate it.



Elk of the Month!

This month the Past Exalted Ruler Association and our Ballard Elks Lodge would like to recognize the selfless and hugely needed work by our amazing members Rachel Rodriguez and Rick Weisz.  You’ve all seen the peanuts hanging at the east of the bar, all bagged up and numbered, ready for purchase and enjoyment.  Those peanuts, that entire program, is managed by Rachel and Rick.  They buy the peanuts, package them up and have them available for us all to enjoy.

The cool part here is that the money raised is earmarked by them to make our lodge better.  Recently they funded a shortfall on the camera project and provided the needed funds to complete the project.  They’ve used their profits to buy needed tv’s for the lounge as well as all the materials needed to paint the entire social quarters – and they did most of the work themselves!  They’ve done so many good things for our lodge with this program that we can’t help but thank them for their efforts

Rachel and Rick – Thank you!  Your efforts are helping build the fun in Ballard and is encouraging those around you to have fun, enjoy our facilities and volunteer to help out around the lodge.  Well done and thank you from the Past Exalted Ruler Association and your fellow lodge members.

Monthly Elk of the Month Award recipients not only get this article in the Antlers Newsletter & Online, they receive a $12 gift certificate to our social quarters, an Elk of the Month certificate to pin on their wall and are in the running for Elk of the Year, awarded at the Officer Installation Dinner each year. You can find the nomination form on our website (ballardelks.org), fill it out as best you can and get it to our Past Exalted Ruler Association before the 19th of each month – 827per@ballardelks.org

Membership Awards!

Grand Exalted Ruler Membership Awards

Pictured receiving pins: Nestor “Baby” Tamayao (PER), Mary Lynn “Skeeter” Bogdanovich (Tiller), Dee Anne Evans (Treasurer). Ben Braden (PER) awarding pins.

Our Final group of Grand Exalted Ruler Membership Award pins of the 2018/2019 Elks year have been earned!

We are honored to recognize our member’s efforts in bringing our community into the walls of our great lodge and strengthening the Great Heart of Elkdom by proposing new members to our lodge and benevolent society and then seeing these members through to initiation and finally membership in our order. Below are four members that our Grand Exalted Ruler Micheal T. Luhr and your lodge membership committee would like to thank and congratulate for meeting and some exceeding the membership award goal of bringing in 3 new or reinstated members to our order – AND – a member receiving a Grand Exalted Ruler membership award watch for bringing in 11 new members!

By bringing our community members within our walls you help build the stepping stone needed to enable our lodge to create our Grand Exalted Rulers vision that “Working Together To Make A Difference” and have it become a reality

These awards were presented at our July 9th lodge meeting.

Our Ballard Elks Lodge Member’s Receiving a Grand Exalted Ruler Membership Award From Initiation in the 2018/2019 Grand Exalted Ruler’s Year

    • Dee Ann Evans – 1 pin for bringing in 3 new members (her 3rd pin of the year)
    • Cathy Anne Prentice – 1 pin for bringing in 3 new members
    • Karl Uri – 1 pin for bringing in 3 new members
    • Lori Queen – 1 pin for bringing in 3 new members (her 2nd pin of the year)
    • Mary Lynn Bogdanovich –  1 pin for bringing in 3 new members (her 8th pin of the year)
    • Nestor “Baby” Tamayao, PER – 1 pin for bringing in 3 new members
    • Rob Casey – 1 pin for bringing in 3 new members (his 2nd of the year)

Grand Exalted Ruler Award pins are earned for any combination of 3 new or reinstated members.  One pin for every three members proposed and initiated during the Grand Exalted Rulers year.  A Grand Exalted Ruler Award watch is earned for any combination of 11 new or reinstated members. Congratulations & Thank you!


We have a Winner!

$100 Winner!

Ron found his Membership number in the Antlers!

Congratulations Ron Benish and thank you for taking the time to read our outstanding monthly newsletter!  The $100 pot is a big thank you for reading the newsletter, finding your membership number hidden within and coming to the next lodge meeting after the newsletter comes out to claim your prize money.  The prize pot starts over in August with $25 in the pot!

The Newsletter Number Game 

The Membership Committee created a membership game incorporated into our monthly Antlers Newsletter.  Members who read the monthly lodge newsletter might find their membership number hidden somewhere inside. When the member finds their number, the member comes to the next Lodge meeting to collect $25 in person, in cash.  The pot builds if it’s not claimed each month to a maximum of $300 in one  year!

    • Only can be claimed at the next Lodge meeting after a newsletter is printed.  Generally the second Tuesday of the month after a newsletter comes out unless there is only one meeting in the next month, (July, August & December)
    • You must be present at the meeting to win.

How it works: a member number will be chosen at the second Tuesday of the month Lodge meeting by our Esquire. ((28311)) It will be recorded and then sent to the newsletter editing team to be hidden somewhere in the text of any article in the Antlers newsletter for the month after the number was drawn.  If you see your number in the newsletter bring it and yourself to the next lodge meeting after the newsletter was printed to claim your prize – and don’t forget your membership card!  You need to be a member in good standing to attend the meeting and therefore to claim the prize.

We’ve hidden a membership number in this text as an example. Did you find it?

The goal is to encourage members to receive the lodge newsletter, read the Newsletter and attend a meeting (even if it’s the only meeting of the year they attend to claim their prize!).  Our lodge sends out over 1500 emails with the newsletter linked to inside and generally it is opened to be read by about 300 members that received it.  Conversely know that the newsletter is also printed and mailed out to almost 500 members each month at an average cost of $1.20/member.  Affording to mail it everyone is a tremendous cost to the lodge so we appreciate those that receive it by email and are hoping to find an exciting way to get you all to read our lodge newsletter – the primary form of communication between the lodge and the member.

Final Initiation of 2017/2018


We had the distinct pleasure of welcoming 8 new members into our order on Saturday March 31st, 2018 – the final day of our 2017/2018 Elks Year.  To top it off the ritual was performed by our State of Washington’s Championship Ritual Team from the Yakima Lodge #318!  With this group of new initiates our new member total for the 2017/18 Elks year will reach over 370 new members to our lodge.  Best Gosh Darn Elks Lodge In The Whole Wide World.

IMGP2939These wonderful members drove across the mountains, two and half hours each way, to help our lodge create that lasting impression upon the minds of our new members that well help them succeed as new Elks.  As well, it gave our State Championship Ritual Team the opportunity to practice their trade in an unfamiliar setting with the chance to overcome the various obstacles that invariably arise when performing in an unfamiliar setting – as they will be doing at National Convention.

IMGP2943This group will be traveling to San Antonio Texas for the 150th anniversary National Convention this coming July – at their own expense.  Our lodge took this opportunity to raise for them $124 through a 50/50 raffle and our lodge Past Exalted Ruler Association wrote them a check for $100 as well.  A small token of thanks for their efforts on our lodges behalf and a small amount of funds to help offset their costs of travel and lodging in San Antonio where they will be representing our Washington State Elks Association and all of it’s lodges when they compete in the National Ritual Team contest on our behalf.

If you would like to make a donation to our State Ritual Team please contact our Lodge Secretary with your donation.

IMGP2943 IMGP2942 IMGP2941 IMGP2940 IMGP2939 29750215_2447068248652332_7375359014305026993_o 29745021_2447068748652282_8748796110234062592_o 29665613_2447068601985630_2968476211181089303_o 29664932_2447068315318992_9046983062036603561_o 29662810_2447068801985610_4618363475020043048_o 29572492_2447068671985623_1455788667765866693_n 29355142_2447068435318980_4414213367846078832_o IMGP2944

Officers Elect for 2018/19

cropped-elks-final-web-transperant.png Ballard Lodge #827

Officer’s Elect for the 2018/2019 Elks Year

Nestor Tamayao 2

Exalted Ruler Elect

Nestor Tamayao

Eric Howes

Leading Knight Elect

Erik Howes

Sean Reddy 3

Loyal Knight Elect

Sean Reddy

cindy Olsby

Lecturing Knight Elect

Cindy Olsby

cindy Olsby

1 Year Trustee Elect

Katie Logan

Arni Thomson

2 Year Trustee Elect

Arni Thomson


3 Year Trustee Elect

Joe Tiffany, PER

Tasha McMullin

4 Year Trustee Elect

Tasha McMullin


5 Year Trustee Elect


Lois Morgensen

Secretary Elect

Lois Morgensen

Tammy Walker

Treasurer Elect

Tammy Walker



Officer Installation Dinner is April 7th, 2018

Do you want to Help out your lodge and be nominated to be a Trustee?  Please email our Exalted Ruler at exaltedruler@ballardelks.org and let it be known.  Your lodge needs your help.
Our incoming Exalted Ruler will also be seeking enthusiastic members to help out with appointed positions like the Tiler or our various committees.   Please take the time to help your lodge.

Meetings are Cool!

Bill Chandler PER as Lecturing KnightBallard, WA:  Past Exalted Ruler night was amazing at the Ballard Elks Lodge #827 last night, February 13th.  Grims Gislason, Past Exalted Ruler, sat in as Exalted Ruler, Anthony Gibbs, Past Exalted Ruler, sat in as Esteemed Leading Knight, Joe Tiffany, Past Exalted Ruler, sat in as Esteemed Loyal Knight and our recently departed Bill Chandler, Past Exalted Ruler, sat in memory in the position of Esteemed Lecturing Knight and was part of his lodge of sorrow as read by the Past Exalted Ruler Grims Gislason.

Ballard rained money over the newly refinished lodge hardwood floor raising funds for the Washington State Tall Elks Therapy Program for Children in that way only Lodge RoomBallard knows how.  Coins jingled and jangled across the floor throughout the meeting, raining down at the alter and over the podiums at times while people attempted to speak…:)

With the 70 or more members in attendance our Past Exalted Ruler worked his way through the massive agenda that included everything from recognizing our departed member Bill Chandler, Past Exalted Ruler, to our Boy Scout troop and Cub Scout pack presenting our charters (as we, the Ballard Elks, are their charter organization) to lodge repairs being approved, 3 new events being approved, a revised lodge By-Laws being presented, 6 Grand Lodge Membership Award Pins and 1 Grand Lodge Watch were presented

Jackpot Winner!
Jackpot Winner!

, 47 Elks National Foundation recurring donor award pins presented, 3 Grand Lodge Grants were approved, exciting committee reports were made and the evening culminated with a member winning the Jackpot of $827!  And not just any member, this member had just been initiated in January and was at her first meeting!  It pays to come to the meetings – it really does.

In the middle of the meeting it was our Past Exalted Rulers time to accept nominations for our 2018/2019 officer positions.  Although many members respectfully declined being nominated to chaired and trustee positions, deferring to personal constraints, the lodge was able to get people nominated for all positions but one.  Please consider stepping up to help your lodge by being an officer.  Your background, views and opinions are needed to help this small group keep our massive organization moving forward.  Come help with a committee if you don’t have the time to dedicate to be an officer.  Every little thing you can do will help your fellow member and your lodge.

So, nominations are;

  • Exalted Ruler – Nestor Tamayao
  • Esteemed Leading Knight – Erik Howes
  • Esteemed Loyal Knight – Sean Reddy
  • Esteemed Lecturing Knight – Cindy Olsby
  • Secretary – Lois Morgensen
  • Treasurer – Tammy Walker
  • 5 Year Trustee – Vacant
  • 4 Year Trustee – Tasha McMullin
  • 3 Year Trustee – Joe Tiffany, Past Exalted Ruler
  • 2 Year Trustee – Arni Thomson
  • 1 Year Trustee – Katie Logan
  • Nominations for positions without anyone nominated for them can happen at the February 27th meeting (GLS 3.080)
    • Nominations need not be seconded and a motion to close nominations is unnecessary. (Opinion 1)
    • Nominees are not required to openly accept a nomination, and need not be present. (Opinion 10)
    • Nominations may be made on election night (February 27th, 2018) only if no nomination for that office has been made or if all candidates for that office have declined or withdrawn. (Opinion 12)

IMG_7011Know that there is a Grand Lodge citation that our lodge can apply for if, and only if, we don’t have a Past Exalted Ruler in an elected or appointed position – and we would love to apply for that citation.  Our Past Exalted Rulers will jump to fill a position left vacant because they each know that without a full governing board the task of running this lodge multiply’s and can become unmanageable.  These members have already put in their time and heart for our lodge, let them step back, guide and help the lodge officers through an active Past Exalted Rulers Association.  Your lodge needs you.

So to recap – The lodge meetings are cool, people have fun, great things happen and you, our members direct our lodge for the future – and could walk away with $827 real American Dollars!  See you on February 27th to help welcome a possible 80 new candidates into our order – yes we have 80 people that should be eligible for initiation on February 27th.

Ben Braden
Exalted Ruler 2017/2018