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Elk of the Month

We’re doing the covid catch up on recognizing our members that have done so much over this past year and deserve our thanks

Cliffie, thank you from all of us at the lodge for your efforts throughout this pandemic.  You’ve put in an amazing amount of time helping get the downstairs bar open and running, you’ve donated money and materials to make it better for our membership and even have jumped in the kitchen to help out as needed. That St. Patty’s day dinner was amazing, by the way…

Our member Cliff Shipp has jumped in, often at the last minute, to help make sure our lodge succeeds and is open for our membership to safely and comfortably enjoy.

Cliffie – Thank you!  Your efforts, this year are amazing and are encouraging those around you to have fun and volunteer to help out around the lodge. Well done and thank you from the Past Exalted Ruler Association and your fellow lodge members.