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Elk of the Month

We’re doing the covid catch up on recognizing our members that have done so much over this past year and deserve our thanks

What amazing things can be said about the efforts of our members Johnny and Mae?  This powerful and positive pair pull stuff off at our lodge each and every year that makes all of us proud to be members of the Ballard Elks Lodge.  2020-2021 was no different!

Johnny Muzevic (P.E.R.) & Mae Moldenhauer ran a stellar Christmas Basket program despite of, and honestly in dire need because of, our covid pandemic.  As well, they are spending countless hours helping out at our volunteer run Secret Beach Bar, often showing up at closing time to simply put things away and help clean up and lock up the building

Johnny & Mae – Thank you!  Your efforts, this year and each and every year are encouraging those around you to have fun and volunteer to help out around the lodge.  Your years of service are warmly noted and we look forward to many more to come.  Well done and thank you from the Past Exalted Ruler Association and your fellow lodge members.