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New Eats at the Lodge!

I ran into this amazing conglomeration of tasty lookin’ yars of herring in the lodge while cooking for IMG_20171205_173630 - smburgers and bingo last night and it got me to asking some of those really hard questions like – “Why would we have all these tasty lookin’ yars of herring in the lodge frig?” and “why shouldn’t we just open em up and have at em before uncle Torvald figures out they’re here?”  To which I heard exalted from behind me “No, you can’t have any of them yars of tasty lookin’ herring, those are for the new menu!”

HOLY MAKEREL, NEW MENU ???!!!!???? You Say?

DRAFT apps - sm

“A new menu is coming out soon at the lodge –  so get your thoughts off devouring that tasty lookin’ herring you see there!”

So for the halibut I sleuthed around  a bit and you know what I found?  Draft copies of a new menu for the Ballard Elks Lodge!  Oh wouldn’t Uncle Torvald be so happy if he could see this menu today!  Yah no wonderfully flavorful Lutefisk but Uncle Torvald always did love his herring and would often slide on over to the Danish side of town for their tasty meatballs.

I was able to take a peak through the secret menu file room before they threw me arse out and yeppers, wouldn’t you know it, a new menu with some amazing looking eats!  It could be released within the next week but I was so teary eyed with bliss from seeing the appy menu I forgot to read the release date….  Silly me – You’ll learn it here first, as soon as I know, you know.  All the old favorites are there but the new additions look amazing!

Get Your Herring On Ballard

There’s a new menu comin’ to the Ballard Elks Lodge!