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Elk of the Month!

This month the Past Exalted Ruler Association and our Ballard Elks Lodge would like to recognize the selfless and hugely needed work by our amazing member Sue Gregor.  You’ve all seen Sue regularly down at the lodge serving you food in our social quarters while volunteering as a food runner.  Take a moment to say hello and thank Sue for bringing your food order from the kitchen to the social quarters and she will quickly respond with a huge smile.

It seems like every time we turn around Sue is doing something, helping out with some event without ever being asked.  Sue’s having fun volunteering at our lodge and that fun, that energy of her’s is contagious and spreading quickly to those around her.

Sue Gregor – Thank you!  Your efforts are helping build the fun in Ballard and is encouraging those around you to have fun and volunteer to help out around the lodge.  Well done and thank you from the Past Exalted Ruler Association and your fellow lodge members.

Monthly Elk of the Month Award recipients not only get this article in the Antlers Newsletter & Online, they receive a $12 gift certificate to our social quarters, an Elk of the Month certificate to pin on their wall and are in the running for Elk of the Year, awarded at the Officer Installation Dinner each year. You can find the nomination form on our website (ballardelks.org), fill it out as best you can and get it to our Past Exalted Ruler Association before the 19th of each month – 827per@ballardelks.org