Announcing May’s Elk (s) of the month.

Announcing May’s Elk (s) of the month. We get two for the price of one! Congratulations Karl and Vicky Jacobson!!!

Sometimes we witness a couple whose talents complement each other so completely that the fruits of their work are flawless. Where one’s physical talents leave off the others artistic vision takes over and then vice versa in an inseparable harmony.

Such is the team represented in this month’s Elks of the month. If you have had the pleasure of meeting Karl and Vicky or see them at work, you know what we are talking about. Their dedication to each other, spills over to their dedication to our lodge and we are blessed to be the beneficiaries of their talents. Their warm personalities and Karl’s constant humor make them a pleasure to spend time with and if you have not met them, you are missing out.

Normally Elk of the month is reserved to recognize one person, but in that these two come as a team we get two for one. As unassuming as these two present themselves they actually are world class rock stars in their respective fields.

In the past few months, they, as a team, have:

  • Replaced the broken window and flashing in the downstairs South Room – saving the Lodge $1,000s of dollars
  • Installed pavers at the side gate
  • Repaired the ramp in North Room downstairs
  • Repaired and refinished 6 doors
  • Installed door latch protectors on the front doors
  • Repaired the sitting bench at the front door
  • And helped with security video install


Their list is still growing as they generously have found that the 827 Lodge is a good place to put their efforts as they ease into retirement. Thank you Karl and Vicky – we are so fortunate that you have adopted us in your efforts.

Memorial Day Activities on May 30th

Memorial Day will be at Crown Hill Cemetery at 11 am (5/30) with a ceremony done by the VFW Honor Guard.
“Chow” or brunch is served at the lodge at 12 noon. Suggested donation $10.
Please join us to honor and remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

A Plea for Social Quarters Volunteers

A Plea for Social Quarters Volunteers

Members, as you know we are a volunteer-run organization.  There is limited budget for hired staff at the Lodge which doesn’t include all the people we need to run an efficient Social Quarters and provide our members with food and beverages on a daily basis. We must rely heavily on members who volunteer as food runners, dish washers, and greeters (card checkers).  
With over 2,000 members one would think we’d have more than enough volunteers, but sadly that is not true.  The same 30 – 40 people regularly volunteer, and rarely more than that.  It’s far less than that who volunteer in the Social Quarters on a regular basis.  Kudos to those who run food, wash dishes and check cards weekly, bi-weekly or monthly (you know who you are, and we are so grateful!). 
Every day the House Committee is tasked with finding at least 3 volunteers per night (busier nights require 4).  Will you please consider being one of those volunteers?  Will you sign up for shifts on a regular basis?  It’s a lot of fun – and you get a complimentary meal and 1 free drink when your shift is over each time you volunteer!  Shifts are for 4 hours, typically 4:30 – 8:30, other than Sunday brunch (10 - 1) and a bit later on Monday nights (9:00). 
Without a team of volunteers each night we can’t effectively serve our members.  We won’t be able to extend kitchen hours when the weather gets better.  We won’t be able to get your food brought to your table in a timely manner.  We won’t be able to keep bar lines to a minimum if bartenders need to check membership cards.  We won’t be able to expand our menu and continue offering daily specials from our kitchen staff. 
To volunteer, please email with your available dates and times.  Someone will get back to you quickly to confirm your shifts.  PS – you also get a free volunteer t-shirt to wear too!! 
For those of you who will now step up and sign up – you have the thanks and gratitude of this entire Lodge.  We simply can’t continue to operate Social Quarters without more volunteers.  Thank you.
Fraternally yours,
The 827 House Committee

Thank you from our most recent blood drive

Update and a thank you from our most recent blood drive.

We ended up registering 177 donors and 23 of those were first timers – wow, that is amazing! In addition, we had a very low deferral rate so we were able to collect 150 units of blood components. That is A LOT of local patients that will get impacted because of your organization.

From everyone at Bloodworks Northwest, including patients and hospital partners, we want to THANK Ballard Elks Lodge for continuing to step up to help our community. All types of blood donations are critical for the health and safety of our community, and your contribution from planning & prepping for the Pop-Up event to recruiting donors is measured in the remissions, recoveries, and second chances you help create.

Since donors can give every 56 days, that means these donors will be eligible to give again in July. Swedish Medical Center (Ballard) will be hosting a Pop-Up in July.

Thank you members for helping.

More Grants!

From Marty Paulson:

Our lodge received a $4000 Beacon grant to be split with two
organizations.  $2000 will go to Boys and Girls club in Ballard to buy
and install new outdoor picnic tables.

$2000 will go to Page ahead, a  nonprofit that supplies free books for  children from kindergarten
to third grade with free books to read all summer.

Broadview Thomson
elementary students will receive these books for children to pick at
the Scholastic spring book fair..

Syttende Mai Parade update! It’s TOMORROW!!!




Parade update! It’s TOMORROW!!! We are #64 out of #65 – we will be assembling on the corner of 63rd and 24th around 3:30/4pm. All parade participants will need to sign a hold harmless form – once that is done you will get your t-shirt. Viking attire is STRONGLY encouraged and welcome. We are also serving food at the lodge (till 9pm) AFTER the parade: Hotdogs on Lefse and Norwegian Beef Stew. Hipp hipp hurra!

See you tomorrow!