Address and Map:

The Ballard Elks is located just North of Ray’s Boathouse and West Marine and South of Golden Gardens Park on Seaview Avenue.

6411 Seaview Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107


(206) 784-0827

Event Parking

We have over 200 regular sized parking stalls plus 5 disabled parking stalls.

We rent out our first floor on a regular basis. This rental comes with a required number of parking spaces and we appreciate your help for us to consistently provide these.

Beach Parking

Unless you’re a member in good standing or attending an event at the Lodge, please park on Seaview Avenue.  Vehicles without current Ballard Elks Member Decals will be towed.

Member RV Parking

B.P.O.E #827 has over 200 regular sized parking stalls, but none with RV hookups.  Elks members RV’s are welcome in the parking lot but as there are no designated RV Spots, electricity nor water/sewer hookups, please conserve your use of space.

If you have a pop out you would like to use please park in such a way that it extends over one of the shrubbery islands in the parking lot.  We are serious about you conserving your use of parking spots (please try and limit it to 2 spots).  We will ask you to move if you take up too many spots.  As well, please limit your stay to a few days.

Suggested Donation: $20/night