Event Proposal & Checklist

The events put on by members of Ballard Elks 827 Lodge are always fun and a great way for us to raise money for charity and get involved with our community.  We challenge our members to come up with new ideas for events that will continue to support charities and community buidling.

What We Need From You

A written proposal detailing your event must be submitted for board review at least 60 days prior to your event.  Proposal must include:

  1. Description of Event / Contact (Chair) Person
  2. Proposed Day(s)
  3. Elks Charity or other Charity Beneficiary
  4. Event space needed. Please specify Upstairs Lodge Room, Social Quarters (bar), Downstairs Hall, or Parking Lot)
  5. Any costs associated with the event (posters, advertising, supplies, etc)
  6. Number of Volunteers and committee members needed to plan and work at the event

 *Proposals should be submitted to Anne Tiller (Activities Chairperson) events@ballardelks.org .  **Response time to proposals are typically 10 business days from proposal submission.

Approved Events

Once approved, let the planning and execution begin.

1.  Assemble your planning committee to assign tasks.  Need help with volunteers? Contact Heather Pugh (Volunteer Chairperson) volunteer@ballardelks.org

2.  Once you have a confirmed date for your event and details, let us know about it so we can add it to our calendar and help spread the word. Our editor at editor@ballardelks.org  & our PR tream at pr@ballardelks.org will get your event on on online calendar, on our app, our Antlers Newsletter and an event scheduled on Facebook.  *Be sure to include the details of your event (see above) when notifying us.

3.  Create a poster for your event.  Posters can be hung up to a month before the event in select areas of the lounge, in the bathrooms and elevator.  Digital copies are welcome and we can publish them online. Contact us if you need help.

4. Volunteers scheduled to work the event should be notified in advance to the hours they are needed (set up, during the event, clean up) and to the tasks involved.

5. Volunteer Forms must be filled out with event name and volunteer names and hours worked. (This is important as we receive money from the Elks Grand Lodge for all our volunteer hours collected.)

6. Assign or ask someone to take photos during the event.  We love sharing photos and details of the event with other members and other Elks chapters

After the Event

1.  Turn in Volunteer Hours Worksheet to Lois Morgensen at the lodge or they can be emailed to secretary@ballardelks.org

2.  Turn in monies raised to the lodge and receipts for expenses (if applicable) using our Expense Sheet Form.

3.  Give us a summary of your event.  Was it successful? Money raised for charity? How many people attended?  An description of the charity it’s benefiting.  We would love to share the success of your event with our members via The Antlers Newsletter, our website and social media.  Photos welcome. Can be sent to editor@ballardelks.org

Link to other Event Forms .