Top Recruiters!

Ever wonder how you match up against our membership on your recruitment numbers?  Wonder no more – download the entire lodge rankings here!

Numbers are as of March 9th, 2021

These numbers represent the amount of people that each member has proposed for membership (New, Reinstated or Affiliated) that have subsequently  gone through initiation or been put on the membership roles since April 1, 2019.  This does not represent the number of people each member has proposed for membership.

Membership Prizes:

Washington State Elks Association: The Top Proposer in our state – Secretaries are excluded – receives a check from the Washington State Elks Association in the amount of $500 and the Lodge, if it shows a gain in membership, will also receive a check for $500 – so get to work!

Grand Lodge:  The Grand Lodge gives out Citations to the lodges in each division (based on total membership) at the Grand Lodge Convention each year.

Grand Exalted Ruler Membership Awards: Now this is where it can get confusing.  The Membership Award prizes come from the Grand Exalted Ruler who has a term running from July 1 to June 31.  So the count on these prizes begins on July 1st and runs past the end of the regular Elk year up until the end of June.  A member must propose someone for initiation or reinstatement to our lodge or another lodge and that person must become a member in good standing to be counted for the prizes below.

  • A minimum of 3 receives a membership Pin and for each 3 afterwards
  • A minimum of 11 but under 33 receives a membership watch
  • A minimum of 33 or more receives a membership desk clock
Rank Name Total
1 Dee Ann Evans 11
2 Kristopher Purdy 6
3 Harry Oesterreicher 4
3 Gene Rubbert 4
3 Mary Lynn Bogdanovich 4
6 Katherine Logan 3
6 Rob Casey 3
6 Sarah Stevens 3
6 Tammy Walker 3