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Share’n is Care’n

As Elks, our members are never forgotten, never forsaken.  In these uncertain times Elks remember this obligation and step up to help their fellow members, give them hope and fellowship, possibly a helping hand if so needed.

We are lucky here at Ballard Elks Lodge #827, years ago our wonderful member Sharon Goochey created the Share’n is Care’n fund that still exists today to help our members in need.  It’s now that we are truly thankful for Sharon’s foresight.

SHARE’N – Send Help And Resources Elk Nation

The original mission Statement –

Sharon pictured center

To help Ballard Elks Members in sickness or distress.  The goal is ‘ease of day,’ meaning, how can we help make someone’s day easier while they are dealing with their current situation?  This could be meal deliveries, cab rides to doctor appointments, small household projects, help with errands, etc.

It is now that we need your help to honor Sharon’s foresight and reinvigorate this amazing program – if for nothing more than a phone call from a fellow member giving hope and kindness.

We need a minimum of 20 members to step up and offer to help contact each and every one of our members, say hello, have a conversation, ask what they need and how they can get help or how they can give help to their fellow Elks.

Logistics –

  • Directly contact by phone (preferably) or email our 2000+ members. Contact information will be provided to you by the committee organizer.
    • With 20 members helping that is approximately 100 phone calls each – no matter where they live.
    • Make a record of your contact and what they need or can offer
      • Need a phone call back to chat
      • Need a lawn mowed
      • Need something delivered from the store
      • Can help someone with
      • Can offer financial assistance if needed
    • Follow through with what they need or can offer to it’s end.  You don’t have to do it yourself but you will need to make an effort to find someone that can do it or connect the member with someone they can help.
    • Follow up with everyone regularly through these tough times
    • Build the fellowship in our membership through your efforts.

This will be time consuming, but your efforts will be rewarding.

The Share’n is Care’n committee is re-instituted and we need 20+ members for our working committee and committee Chair(s).  If you want to run this program or help out we need  you to say so.

No Member is Alone

Can You Help?

Please contact Ben Braden at benjaminbraden@aol.com to get on board today.